Which 3 golf courses has Heritage Links renovated in Florida?

By: March 10, 2021

We must be prepared to reopen anytime. I have to admit I could not find any updated information on COVID-19 regulations in relation to golf courses in Florida.

What is sure that in December 2020, the U.S. total rounds played were 37.3% more and 13.9% YTD 2020. Source: Golf Datatech.

Heritage Links Woodfield Country Club in Boca Raton Florida resized

Heritage Links has just completed three renovation jobs in Florida.

Sailfish Point Golf Club

At Sailfish Point Golf Club in Stuart, Heritage Links crews concluded a complete refurbishment and enhancement of the practice range in late 2020 — in time for high winter season.

Heritage Links will undertake a similar practice-area renovation at Ibis Country Club (a 15-acre facility) this summer.

This is the same size as the revamped and refurbished practice facility at The Windsor Club in Vero Beach, site of a course-wide renovation Heritage Links completed in late 2019.

At Sailfish Point, every square inch of a 6-acre parcel — every tee, every putting surface — was renovated and outfitted with new infrastructure.

According to Heritage Links project manager Jorge Huerta, the social power of state-of-the-art practice areas is key to understanding exactly what’s driving the expansion of this market segment, state-wide.

Heritage Links The Windsor Club in Vero Beach Florida resized
The recently renovated, expanded practice facility at The Windsor Club in Vero Beach.

Woodfield Country Club in Boca Raton

Here Heritage Links completed another practice area renovation in November 2020, as part of a comprehensive makeover directed by architect Kip Schulties and course superintendent Jason Sprankle.

Everything was redone here

  • mass grading and shaping on all 18 holes,
  • storm drainage,
  • new irrigation system,
  • new cart paths,
  • retaining walls,
  • new grasses wall to wall,
  • with all new tees,
  • bunkers and greens rebuilt to USGA specs.

The invested $7.9 million in renovation.

Grand Cypress Golf Club / Evermore Orlando Resort

From now on Grand Cypress Golf Club’s new name is Evermore Orlando Resort.

The golf club used to have 45 holes of Jack Nicklaus Signature golf (North, South, and East courses). These 3 golf courses were closed in 2019.

Today it has got only an 18-hole golf course (designed by Nicklaus Design too).

Top100golfcourses.com says the New Course will stay in place until 2023. After that, it will be relaid over the top of the former golf courses.

Heritage Links concluded in January 2021 an 18-hole renovation at the Nicklaus-designed Grand Cypress Resort.

Huerta and his crew moved dirt on 18 holes here (spreading sandy material from a lake expansion to cap holes 1, 2, and 3), regrassed (Celebration out, Celebration in), and installed a new irrigation system.

Heritage also laid 25,000 linear feet of new drainage and cleared the organic materials in an 18-inch radius from every catch basin on the property.

It built 30,000 linear feet of new cart paths and replaced wooden bulkheads and a bridge at the 3rd hole. It rebuilt the practice green and each putting surface in the short-game area to USGA specifications.