What can the future collaboration between Faldo Design and GEO Foundation lead to?

By: June 21, 2023

In fact, sustainability should be a fundamental consideration when somebody is considering developing a new golf course or a golf club. It should be an elementary requirement and expectation for golf architects and golf course design companies.

Golf architects and golf course design companies should always prioritize sustainable practices and include clear steps in their design plans.

The client should reject any proposal lacking a serious commitment to sustainability at the beginning of the tender process. This is a basic expectation that should be upheld in the industry.

Faldo Design GEO Foundation partnership

It’s been a while since I last heard about a renowned golf course design company collaborating with the GEO Foundation.

After a successful cooperation at Rumanza Golf & Country Club in Multan, Pakistan, Faldo Design has just solidified a long-term agreement with GEO Foundation to seek the same sustainable golf development certification at their future Sir Nick Faldo Signature course projects.

The last time I heard anything related to this was in 2012 when Nicklaus Design joined Audubon Lifestyles and the International Sustainability Council (ISC-Audubon) as a Platinum Member.

Sam Thomas, Sustainable Golf – Developments Director, said:

This closer collaboration is a great natural extension of the work we have both done together over the last 4 or 5 years and we want to thank the team for making this real leadership statement for sustainable golf development.

The projects with the Faldo Design team have always been fun, open and very forward thinking. We’re proud of what we have achieved so far together and excited to see where how much further we can go on the next projects.

My tip

Regardless of who you will work with to renovate, upgrade your golf course or build a new one, sustainability should be among the most basic expectations.

Ask your golf architect what exactly he will do for sustainability during the project.