How has Tim Lobb created an inclusive 9-hole golf course for Golf Pirkkala?

By: February 22, 2024

In order to gain a deeper comprehension of Tim Lobb‘s latest endeavor for Golf Pirkkala, it is essential to elucidate the concept of “inclusive golf course design.”

An authentic inclusive golf program is one where individuals of all abilities are enabled to participate in the same activities at the same venue alongside each other.

This implies that the program should be designed to accommodate everyone, irrespective of their disability or ability.

The essence of inclusivity is to create a level playing field where everyone is given equal opportunities and resources to succeed.

Golf Pirkkala and Tim Lobb

It is important to note that inclusivity should not be an afterthought or a mere formality but rather a deliberate and intentional process that is integrated into the program’s design and implementation.

By fostering inclusivity in golf programs, we can create an environment where everyone feels valued and empowered, which can ultimately lead to increased participation, improved performance, and a sense of community among participants.

Golf Pirkkala became a 27-hole golf course

Golf Pirkkala‘s – near the city of Tampere – 18-hole golf course was completed in 2007. This has now been expanded with a Tim Lobb-designed 9-hole golf course. The club itself is a GEO Certified golf club.

Golf Pirkkala has Finland’s largest junior golf program, with 500 junior members, of whom 200 are involved in organized coaching.

Kai Hulkkonen has been collaborating with the municipality of Pirkkala to explore opportunities for growth in the area.

Golf Pirkkala from the air

Thanks to his assistance and the participation of the local authorities, the club has been able to acquire approximately 30 hectares (75 acres) of land, which borders their existing property.

When selecting a designer to oversee the project, Tim Lobb was mindful of the club’s demographics, including many female and junior members.

He recognized the potential to collaborate with Kari Haug, who specializes in designing enjoyable golf courses for players of all skill levels.

As a result, the two designers worked together to create a course that maximizes playability for golfers of all abilities.

Kari Haug added:

“We wanted to focus on all the golfers who don’t hit it far to make sure their game is as much fun. The course has to be open and inclusive for all the different body types who are going to play the golf course, so we will install forward tees to give everyone a choice of length to play.

We will include rest stops along the way where needed, which is very important at Golf Pirkkala, because the terrain is hilly and the average age of members is 59 – and a lot of them are finding it harder to walk the course. We are extending the golfing life at both ends: we see golf as a lifetime sport.”