Fresh blood in golf: Powerplay Golf

By: October 9, 2009

Golf seems to be constant where history could not change anything to it. Or not? We are always worried by the declining number of golf players in US and elsewhere, plus the average age of player is getting bigger/higher.

Now, some folks from UK, thought about that they would like to play golf in a new way. Powerplay Golf is the new concept. The new modus operandi is more vivid and appealing to young generations (below age 35). The new concept is spreading all around the world (even in Slovakia, EU, you can play Powerplay Golf in 2 places). The essence of the game is:

"PowerPlay Golf is a new nine-hole form of golf, where there are two flags on every green. You can score extra points if you take a 'PowerPlay' and go for the Black Flag, but you have a limited number of 'PowerPlays' in your round – choose wisely. PowerPlay Golf Strokeplay uses the Stableford scoring system. You have just nine holes to score as many points as you can! Use your PowerPlays successfully, and you could get a huge score. But be careful – attacking the Black Flag is a risk."

I can see this as a new attraction on our golf courses. Golf course owners do not have to invest anything it, because it does not require modification in the golf course. This new concept can show to new generation that golf is able to be perky and fun.