What can Silver Creek Valley Country Club to become a leading private club?

By: February 28, 2015

Recently Silver Creek Valley Country Club (San Jose, California) has declared a new objective for this year. Namely, they would like to be among the leading private clubs in the country.

Silver Creek Valley Country Club’s improvement plan will inject $5.1 million in facility refurbishments and upgrades into the 22-year-old club. A major focus of the improvement plan will be the 34,000-square-foot clubhouse, which will receive new carpet, furnishings, tile work, dining area enhancements and locker room renovations. The improvement plan work has begun as of January 2015 and is slated to conclude before the year ends.  

Silver Creek Valley Country Club

As part of this project Barrett Eiselman, CCM was appointed as the club’s new General Manager and Chief Operating Officer. 

To achieve such ambitious they should not forget customer experience and customer satisfaction. I would like to know how they tackle with these issues that are not less important than renovating an old clubhouse. 

In January I wrote about how Monte Rei Golf & Country Club would like to improve their customer experience. In that post I highlighted the journey-based customer experience transformation process' 4 steps. I think Silver Creek Valley Country Club should conduct such process to improve customer experience:

  1. Identify key customer journeys;
  2. Understand current performance (e.g. by using net promoter score): what are the pain points?
  3. Redesign experience and engage front line;
  4. Sustain at scale.