Golf’s nearly $70 billion economy

By: April 17, 2015

Early this week We Are Golf visited Capitol Hill for the eighth annual National Golf Day to discuss golf’s nearly $70 billion economy (we are little change since 2013; see picture below), $4 billion annual charitable impact, environmental value to local communities and fitness benefits.

Golf’s leaders met with Members of Congress throughout the day to share stories about the game’s 15,350 diverse, small businesses, which employ more than two million Americans and provide $55.6 billion in annual wage income. In addition, industry executives discussed golf courses’ positive influences on ecology, local tax revenues and tourism. They even explained how walking 18 holes can burn 2,000 calories.

We are golf 2013

I would approach the business challenges of the golf industry from a little bit different perspective even though the above mentioned facts are important as well. Namely, what people of today need or looking for and how the golf industry can answer to these expectations.