Kimberly Cayce becomes COO of Women on Course

By: April 30, 2015

Kimberly Cayce’s appointment follows a nearly 200% increase in Women On Course membership in 2014, making it one of the largest golf-related professional development organizations in the U.S.

Cayce will manage daily business operations, including membership, marketing, administration, finance and strategic partnerships.  She will also chart long-term growth for the organization with roughly 20,000 participants in 2,000-plus golf and non-golf events annually in major markets nationwide.

With women comprising nearly 20% of all American golfers, 50% of the nation’s population and 75% of consumer purchases, golf courses, country clubs and resorts are rapidly integrating WOC into their programming. 

If this is still not convincing then here are some additional insights about the purchasing power of women in the US and Canada:

  • MRI’s Survey of the American Consumer in Fall 2011 found that 74.9% of women identified themselves as the primary shoppers for their households.
  • Boston Consulting Group found that women in the U.S. reported “controlling” 72.8% of household spending and women in Canada reported “controlling” 67.2% of household spending. Working women in the United States generate $4.3 trillion in earned income annually. 

This why I wrote in 2013 about why is it important to pay more attention how to attract more women to golf, what are the business benefits of women and family friendly golf clubs. So it is time to get rid of all those old golf club rules that are not treating women on equally with men. Women should not be under-served. Companies and golf clubs should offer them the same level of services and products as they do for men (e.g. did you see the new product family of Ping that is designed for the needs of women?).

As women tend to spend more on fitness and well-being, I think it would be wise to present as a potential form of fitness.

I found an interesting presentation of different female consumers segments in Harvard Business Review that worth to consider when you are writing your next marketing strategy:

Six Key Female Consumer Segments

Early this year I reported about Wilson Staff had expanded its partnership with Women on Course (WOC), the nation’s premier golf-lifestyle networking organization