What makes Billy Casper Golf an attractive employer?

By: June 10, 2015

Last week was a very nice week for Billy Casper Golf. It was awarded by the Helios HR Apollo Award for innovative training programs, including its proprietary "ACE the Guest Experience," Building Our Buffalo mentorship program, Billy Casper Golf University and Billy Casper Golf Superintendent Institute.

The Helios HR Apollo Award follows Billy Casper Golf winning the Inc. Magazine "Hire Power Award" that celebrates private companies on the forefront of job creation and skills development.


Under ACE the Guest Experience, each of the company's 7,600-plus in-season employees at all levels learns how to work together to provide outstanding service to every golfer, every round, every day.  Since its inception in 2006, ACE has been vital to BCGs growth, cementing it as the golf industry's benchmark in guest and personnel satisfaction.

Helios HR also pointed to Billy Casper Golf's "World's Largest Golf Outing" as a major contributor to fostering leadership and team-building skills.  Since 2011, the fundraiser has welcomed more than 36,000 golfers at nearly 120 Billy Casper Golf-managed courses and raised $2 million for the Wounded Warrior Project.

As I am reading the details of this recognition, I hoped to find signs or referring to an innovative employee engagement solution(s). In our days, companies should study not just their customer relationship, but also their employee relations (–>should be valuable, meaningful).

I think when employers value people, experience and aspirations then employees will be more, loyal and engaged with their employer. This can bring their relation to a new level: advocacy. Employee empowerment is about creating brand advocates to scale customer relationship. 

It is really sad to find that 63% of employees (source: State of the global workplace 2013 Gallup) were not engaged by their jobs.

  Employee engagement Alitmeter

Employers should be bear in mind that as social media and mobile are integral part of the employees. Thus such low engagement can cause difficulties to attract new, desirable talent, but also retain the existing ones.

Employees at socially engaged companies are

The boring, old-school intranet websites' time is over. They are not able to create productive communities where like-minded professionals connect to share information, collaborate, solve problems. The challenge here is to how to utilize social media platforms and find out content and engagement strategies to achieve our goals.