When will Foremost Golf embrace the opportunities of IoT?

By: June 8, 2016

Foremost Golf has announced it is to expand its innovative NetTickIT in-store ticketing solution. Since the launch of NetTickIT last year, over 40,000 tickets printed. The essence of the ticketing solution is that it enables Foremost Golf members to print tickets from shelf edge to A4 size. In addition to this, these members will be also able to design bespoke ticketing quickly and efficiently (e.g. providing product features and benefits).

Foremost Golf promises that the new ticketing system is more user-friendly and bespoke to each business.

How could Foremost Golf utilize IoT?

It is funny to see this development in light of the fact when we hear more about mobile solutions like mPOS (mobile POS) and in-store tablet usage. As personalized offers (provided in real-time) are gaining momentum, it will not be enough to be bespoke on company level.  The connected customers will want to compare prices, read reviews during the customer journey. You cannot hide from them information, just help them to have frictionless shopping experience in your pro-shop.

Therefore, the customer will use his mobile to figure out that information that is essential for his purchase decision. So it would be more beneficial for the golf retailer and pro-shop owners if they could add at least  a QR code to the ticket with a link where they find more product information.

For the very same reason, I recommended in last December the usage of beacons. Beacons can provide  quick access to relevant product and pricing information, and special offers, with minimal friction. It also replaces the mass-market messages with more personal, less intrusive approach. Probably, your biggest gain from utilizing beacon technology will be the valuable data on your consumers’ in-store activity.

In the US, nearly all retailer segments will implement beacon technology in 2016. A McKinsey study found in 2015 that the usage of IoT in retail could have an economic impact of $410 billion to $1.2 trillion per year in 2025.

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