Global Golf Advisors is growing in the Asia-Pacific region

By: April 11, 2017

A real private golf club veteran is joining the new office of Global Golf Advisors in Sydney to serve the firm’s clients across the Asia-Pacific region.

The former general manager of Royal Sydney Golf Club, Paul Hinton was appointed to be the director of the new Global Golf Advisors‘ office. He headed the Royal Sydney Golf Club for almost 12 years. Beforehand he was the general manager of Exclusive Hotels and Venues in the UK.

Global Golf Advisors Paul Hinton

Why is Asia-Pacific important to Global Golf Advisors?

In this region, we can find some of the leading golf countries of the world (Japan, South Korea, Australia, Thailand, Australia). Due to the maturity level of these golf countries, the local golf clubs will need to find solutions to stay competitive (e.g. by investing in customer experience, sustainability).

There are also countries like Vietnam (the 2016 Golf Destination of the Year for Asia & Australasia by IAGTO) that are becoming serious players in this region. In the coming years, Vietnam is likely to have at least 114 golf courses thanks to such companies as FLC Group, Vingroup, and BRG Group. Vietnam is also considered as a property investment hotspot within Asia, just like Japan and Thailand.

I don’t think that in the near future Cambodia or Myanmar will be serious golf countries and destinations. At the same time, I would not neglect Malaysia and India. India has got over 100 000 registered (!)golfers and over 250 golf courses. The local Ministry of Tourism has included golf as a major attraction for tourism in the country with regions such as Kashmir, Delhi-NCR and Bangalore.

As you can see, there are lots of business opportunities to grow for companies like Global Golf Advisors.