GMVD Annual Conference in Frankfurt

By: May 4, 2017

I thought I will highlight a German golf business news since Germany is the #2 golf market in Europe with 643, 158 registered golfers. The Golf Management Association of Germany (GMVD) held last week (April 28th) its annual meeting with almost 70 participants at the Marriott Hotel in Frankfurt.

The Golf Management Verband Deutschland (GMVD)  is a professional organization with members involved in the management of golf clubs. GMVD has got over 700 members, including golf club managers from Austria and Switzerland. The organization is highly committed to education (e.g. CCM in affiliation with the Club Managers Association of Europe since 2008). They even got a “Golf Management Training” group.

GMVD Vorstand mit GF_Foto Martin Joppen

Here are some interesting findings of the German golf market besides what I mentioned above:

  • 557,000 Germans are golf club members, a further 83,000 have non-resident memberships. (Source: German Golfers Association)
  • An additional 618,000 people without club affiliation visit golf courses. (source: Sport + Markt AG on behalf of the Association of non-affiliated Golfers (VcG))
  • 7.3 million Germans are open to learn and play golf. (Source: German Golfers Association)
  • Germany has got the 3rd lowest golf participation rate in Europe: 0.8%
  • The country is among the TOP5 countries with the highest share of female golfers (35%) and the highest number of female golfers: 222,242.
  • 782 golf clubs.

It would be great if their website would include the agenda of their conference.