What motivated Öschberghof’s 60M Euro investment?

By: October 14, 2019

I had the impression that you enjoyed my review of the German Öschberghof. Hence, I thought to interview Alexander Aisenbrey, the Managing Director of Öschberghof.

Öschberghof luxury hotel

What trends and insights motivated the 60 million Euro upgrade of Öschberghof?

Due to the positive development of the property in terms of occupancy and rate, we decided to increase the room count from 73 to 126.

On that basis, we re-developed the entire resort in order to ensure long-term success in a location such as Donaueschingen.

What are the focus areas of the upgrade project?

We have a number of focus areas within the hotel operation, namely

  • MICE,
  • GOLF and
  • SPA are the main targets.

We also like to become a well-known address as an ideal training resort for professional sports teams (such as premier league soccer teams) and of course, we are a perfect address for private events such as jubilees or weddings.

In all our target markets we aim to deliver a high-quality and personalized guest experience.

Room for socializing at Öschberghof

How do you deal with the rising multi-generational holiday trend?

With the plethora of target markets we naturally attract all generations – however, we are not a family hotel.

What are Öschberghof‘s views on tech-augmented hospitality?

As much technical support as needed, but it must not be complicated. It is important that both, guests and staff feel comfortable with the technical gadgets offered.

What are you doing for sustainability?

We are aware of the importance of sustainability in the industry, but we are at the beginning of our path to a sustainable operation.

So far, we have our in-house laundry and dry-clean, we use water suspender and glass bottles instead of plastic, we have energy-efficient buildings and our own combined heat and power plant.

Öschberghof main buildings and the driving range

To what extent are you able to personalize your services?

This is a very important ongoing process, which we are working on in order to strike the perfect balance between excellent guest service and efficiency.

What are your plans for the next 5-10 years?

In the next 3-5 years, we will be focusing on bringing all areas of the resort onto the top level in terms of quality and service.

Once we are happy with our performance, we will see what comes next.

While we don’t know yet what that might be, one thing is certain: The Öschberghof will never stall.