Rheingolf on the Green an Open-Air Golf Show in Germany: 20-22nd August

By: July 12, 2021

It seems like we are over the hardest part of the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, this does not necessarily mean that trade shows like Rheingolf will return to their original format or will not move towards holding them in large open spaces.

This is how the concept of Rheingolf on the Green was born. The event will be held in the Golf & Country Club Elfrather Mühle in Krefeld, Germany. It will be held between 20-22nd August.

This will be the first major golf trade show after the COVID-19 lockdown in Europe!

Rheingolf on the Green area of the exhibition full picture

The Golf & Country Club Elfrather Mühle (member of the Leading Golf Clubs of Germany) is an excellent choice due to its proximity to such major German cities like Düsseldorf, Cologne, and Dortmund. Even Dutch and Belgian golfers do not have to travel a lot to discover the latest offers of the golf industry (e.g. golf holidays, golf equipment, wellness, health, real estate, etc.).

The organizer of Rheingolf on the Green, Michael Jacoby told me that within 150 km around Krefeld, more than 150,000 golfers (!!!) are living. In Germany in 2020, there were 651,417registered golfers (731 golf clubs; Source: Germany Golf Federation).

Rheingolf on the Green in Elfrather Mühle Golf and Country Club

According to GfK‘s latest purchasing power prognosis, Germans will have €23,637 per person for consumer purchases, living expenses, recreation, and saving in 2021. 

Those who prefer driving a car over flying because of safety reasons do not have to worry. The location of the Rheingolf on the Green is very accessible by car.

It is interesting to know that the Netherlands is the #1 source market for Germany. The Netherlands is the #4 golf market in Continental Europe with cca. 396,299 registered golfers (Source: KPMG, Golf Participation in Europe Report).

Now you can understand why Rheingolf on the Green is an excellent choice for marketers but also for golfers like me to participate in the event. This is probably the biggest golf trade show in the EU for 2021.

Rheingolf on the Green area of exhibition closer look

What can Rheingolf on the Green offer to marketers?

The areas around the old mill, the 9th green, parts of the practice range, the two putting greens, and the driving range are the exhibition area. Golf clubs can be tested under real conditions. Suppliers of equipment and travel sell and advise in elegant tents.

In between, food trucks, cocktail, and wine stands invite visitors to enjoy drinks and small delicacies. Deck chairs around the 9th green, in the shade of the old mill, support the unique event flair. We will celebrate golf!

Market leader Callaway Golf has given a commitment to become a partner of the show. The other partner of the show yet announced is Jaguar Land Rover.

The area is spacious, everywhere can be kept at a distance. The safety of visitors, exhibitors, and event staff has first priority. Currently, the Rheingolf on the Green is planned for 3,000 visitors per day.

Rheingolf on the Green Mill and putting green

Rheingolf on the Green: Tents will be available in 6 different sizes

  1. 4,5m2 (=half tent),
  2. 8m2 (=half tent),
  3. 9m2 (=3*3m),
  4. 16m2,
  5. 25m2 (=5*5m),
  6. 36m2 (=6*6m).

If I were an exhibitor at the Rheingolf on the Green

If I were an exhibitor at the Rheingolf on the Green I would focus on how to create meaningful & memorable experiences for the visitors and business partners.

6 tips how to excel during the event:
  1. Augmented Reality – you can create a truly immersive and interactive experience for visitors to your booth. Glasses or Virtual Reality (VR) headsets can be used to provide trade show attendees with a better look at your products, services, and offerings. 
  2. While working on your booth’s design, you should always think about who your ideal customer is. Try and understand what they are hoping to achieve at the end of the event.
  3. Provide Instagram worthy photo opportunities. Ask them to use your business-related hashtag (e.g. #rheingolfonthegreen). Communicate this in your marketing materials as well. This way, you can follow up who liked your booth and offers really.
  4. Strive to build eco-friendly/sustainable booth. Sustainability efforts are highly appreciated and demanded by customers.
  5. Nostalgia Marketing. One of the major marketing trends in 2021. Try to bring vintage products of your company.
  6. Provide comfort. People will feel exhausted after trying & seeing so many things. Give them opportunity to have a rest in the area of your booth.

See you soon in the Rheingolf on the Green!

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This article is brought to you by Rheingolf on the Green.