How can the brand-new NXXT Women’s Pro Tour increase competition opportunities?

By: October 20, 2023

Yesterday, I had a great conversation with Kevin Flanagan (CEO of ACD Consulting) about their new partner, the NXXT Women’s Pro Tour ambitions.

The brand-new NXXT Women’s Pro Tour is trying to give a proper answer to the increased demand for playing opportunities.

The tour has already introduced 14 prestigious championship events hosted at some of Florida’s most renowned golf courses.

NXXT Womens Pro Tour

In addition to this, the NXXT Women’s Pro Tour is forging a partnership with the EPSON Tour, providing the NXXT Tour with 10 EPSON TOUR exemptions.

If you don’t follow women’s golf tournaments, you need to know that the EPSON Tour is the official qualifying tour of the LPGA Tour.

Another important news is that Suzy Whaley will support the NXXT Women’s Pro Tour as an advisor. She will be inducted into the PGA of America Hall of Fame on November 8.

Women in professional golf

A recent RBC Wealth Management study found on average, professional men athletes earn 21 times more than professional women athletes. In the case of golf, male professional golfers earn 10.5x more than women: $142K vs $1.5M.

The good news for potential NXXT Women’s Pro Tour sponsors is female golfers’ positive impact on brands.

When fans watched generic advertisements and were asked to identify key attributes, brands featuring women athletes performed better than those featuring male athletes:

  • Progressive,
  • Inclusive,
  • Inspiring.

It’s no surprise that female athletes get more engagement on social media: 2.7% vs. 5.7%