Why Burhill Golf Club renovation is in the spotlight?

By: March 29, 2016

It seems like Burhill Golf Club is once again investing in its golf course. In the last couple of years, we saw several forward-thinking investments like:

  • their commitment to improving environmental performance across all areas of operations;
  • the reintroduction of areas of heather and gorse in character with its origins;
  • the transition from diesel and petrol to hybrid and electric units;
  • In 2010, Burhill Golf Club invested £200,000 in the construction of such an irrigation reservoir that is able to supply both old and new courses;
  • looking at possible renewable energy options (in this case, they are restricted due to the designation of the building and the existing infrastructure)

BGL_Burhill_NewCourse_AndyHiseman_300dpi_Print-18 MR

Star feature of the 2016 project at Burhill is the new Halfway House to be built between the 8th tee and 9th green on the Old Course. The facility will offer players an array of substantial food and drink choices, both hot and cold, and all freshly made on-site.

An ongoing course renovation project that is to continue this year is the re-design and re-laying of bunkers on four holes across the New Course. This particular work heralds the 4th year in a six year project of continuous improvements to the courses at Burhill.

The renovations, some of which began in February, will continue throughout 2016, with the Halfway House to be completed by the end of April, ready for this year’s peak playing season.