Can SPRINT6GOLF improve the pace of play?

By: June 6, 2016

SPRINT6GOLF, a quicker, shorter format of golf for players of all ages and abilities was recently launched. The essence of the SPRINT6GOLF format of golf is that you have to complete within 30-seconds your very first shot to ensure a continuous pace of play. However, SPRINT6GOLF is played over just six holes. The concept was welcomed by the England Golf and The Golf Foundation.

This is the essence of the new  format of golf that tries to foster more dynamic golf and mitigate slow play. The concept is slightly new since the USGA is giving a similar advice for golfers how to accelerate their pace of play. The USGA recommends aiming to play within 20 seconds.

I must admit that SPRINT6GOLF reminds me a little bit the 2015 British Open Speedgolf Championship that took place at Dale Hill Golf Club, in East Sussex. In that competition, the golfers had to complete the 18 holes within 80 minutes (=1 hole = 4.5 minutes).

As we can see SPRINT6GOLF is not a totally a brand new concept, but rather a rethought format of golf with a little twist. It will interesting to find out if this new format can help to grow the game or not. 2014 Ryder Cup captain Paul McGinley thinks SPRINT6GOLF can bring a new audience to the sport.

Clubs can get involved in SPRINT6GOLF, by registering at

As a golfer, you can download the SPRINT6GOLF mobile (iOS, Android) application from the app stores. The new format can be played today in 4 golf clubs in the UK:

  1. Buckinghamshire Golf Club,
  2. Royal Ascot Golf Club,
  3. Wildwood Golf & Country Club,
  4. Golf at Goodwood.

Most recently, I found 2 more mobile apps that are intended to help golf clubs to manage slow play and improve the pace of play:

  1. Condor Golf System;
  2. GREENi.