How is The Grange Golf Club preparing for revival?

By: June 1, 2016

Troon has been recently selected by The Grange Golf Club, a private golf club located in New South Wales, Australia. The Grange Golf Club is Troon’s 5th Australian golf club. The golf club is a 36-hole complex with West and East courses (par 72 golf course, 6,270 meters (6,857 yards)).

By the way, New South Wales has the most number of golf clubs with 378, and the highest average member count with 396 (source: Golf Management Australia: Golf Participation in 2014). In 2014, there were 149,855 club member golfers in New South Wales.

One of the great challenges of Troon will be how can they reverse the decline of membership.

The Grange Golf Club fairway

Initially working with the club on its agronomy standards and playability, the full contract will see Troon assisting with all operations of The Grange Golf Club from July 2016. The selection of Troon kick starts an extensive two-year renovation project, aimed at enhancing The Grange Golf Club in its quest to become the best golf destination in the Illawarra.

Over $7million (AUD) will be spent on the venue, including significant changes to the clubhouse and its amenities as well as on the course where improvements will be overseen by David Lunardelli, Troon’s Director of Agronomy for Australia, Asia, and Pacific. Lunardelli will drive forward with the construction phase of newly laid out course design plans.

The Grange Golf Club

Thanks to the renovation, from later this year up to 200 guests will be able to enjoy The Grange Golf Club’s state of the art function area bar, brasserie and four modern seating areas, two inside, two outside at any one time. Will the renovated bar and brasserie be attractive to Millennials who like to go out eating with their friends?

It would be great if they could foster shareable customer experience by embracing the mobile mindset. This is important, especially for the age group of 18-44.