What is the polished Heythrop Park Resort like?

By: August 12, 2016

In two weeks Heythrop Park Resort will host its first European Challenge Tour Event, the Bridgestone Challenge, which runs from August 25th – 28th. Bridgestone, early this year has signed a sponsorship deal with the European Tour and thus became an official partner of this year’s European Tour British Masters.

Europe’s top developmental tour will return to the UK for the first time since 2012.

Estate Manager Matthew Cropper said, “The Bainbridge golf course has been in very good condition this season anyway, and it was fundamentally designed as a Tour layout, so we have been mainly taking care of the finer details such as achieving the right green speeds and cutting heights as specified by the Tour.

The 7,088 Par 72 Bainbridge Course at Heythrop Park Resort will be closed to all but Bridgestone Challenge competitors during tournament week, which starts on Monday 22nd August.

Heythrop Park Resort

How could create Heythrop Park Resort an unforgettable event?

I hope it is not too late to highlight for Heythrop Park Resort the importance of getting prepared for the connected customers‘ expectations. They are those people who use their smartphones habitually (e.g. check information, take a selfie, share photos/videos etc.).

The very same people are looking for consistency of experience. When experiences are good, being always-connected means they will tell the world about it (unfortunately, also the bad experiences as well).

If Heythrop Park Resort wants to come up with a meaningful customer experience for these people, then he should think from the customer journey perspective. Since today we should not only focus on key touchpoints, but focus on the whole process from raising awareness to post-event activities.

Some important issues to consider:

  • How to give them personalized experience, and deliver them the most relevant information as per their needs, desires, and interests?  Let’s not forget that you are not marketing AT people, but you are influencing them in an environment where they already have information and opinion about the place.
  • How could they feel more comfortable and freely enjoy themselves? (E.g. free Wi-Fi)
  • How will Heythrop Park Resort nurture the relationship with the guests/participants after the event to generate extra revenues?
  • Be ready for however the customer chooses to interact with you!

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