How can O’Grady help the Centurion Club?

By: October 31, 2016

The prestigious Centurion Club announced last week, that the former Chief Executive of the PGA European Tour, George O’Grady, will become the club’s first President.

I think, I don’t have to introduce you George O’Grady, who spent over 40 years with the European Tour. However, it is worth to highlight some of his interesting achievements:

  1. He had a significant role in ensuring the golf’s return to the Olympics in 2016.
  2. O’Grady had negotiated to make the Race to Dubai (2009) the circuit’s focal point.
  3. He was the 3rd man to lead the organization after Schofield and John Jacobs.
  4. Under his leadership, the European Tour grew significantly (the brand itself also).

What can the Centurion Club expect from George O’Grady?

George O’Grady says “Centurion Club is a beautiful golfing venue that is at the forefront of merging golf with modern life.”

The Centurion Club (opened in 2013) has gone through recently two interesting construction projects. The first is the construction of the club building. It began in summer 2015 and is currently open to members. The other is the restaurant led by the Michelin-starred Galvin brothers (Chris & Jeff; open since September 6th, 2016).

Today, the “foodie culture” is one of the leading hooks in travel. I expect that it will help them to attract more people and not just golfers.

Currently, the Centurion Club is managed by Troon Privé. At the same time, they are a member of Pacific Links International‘s reciprocal club.

So, I think the owners of Centurion Club is expecting from George O’Grady to turn this private golf club to a potential host of major championships. Personally, I would love to hear from him what would he answer to the following challenges:

  1. What kind of experience will he develop to attract more golfers? (interesting experience vs. tradition)
  2. How can he turn the club life to a family affair? How will they appeal to families??
  3. What kind of new services will he launch to create an attractive and pleasant atmosphere for all ages?
  4. What will he offer to people under 40?
    • Will he expand the restaurant with an attractive outdoor dining lounge area?
    • Where will be the playground for kids?
    • Where will be the game room for teenagers (to play with Xbox/Playstation)?
    • Will they provide in the near future up-to-date fitness facility?
  5. Will they provide year around activities and services?
  6. Will they invest in data mining, mobile solutions, and services?
  7. To what extent will they personalize their services?

I am sure we could list many more business challenges, but I think these are some of the most important ones.