How do you imagine PGA Catalunya’s renewed Club Café?

By: April 23, 2018

The famous interior designer Lazaro Rosa-Violán returned to PGA Catalunya Resort to create something great after the successful design project of the Hotel CamiralHe is considered to be a fashionable interior designer.

It seems like that not only the Hotel Camiral but also the recently refurbished Club Café is following the trend of bringing back the furniture design of the 60’s and 70’s. You can call this even as retro-inspired pieces of furniture in contemporary spaces.

We will be able to see PGA Catalunya’s Stadium Course, Spain’s #1 golf course from the Club Café.

I assume such combination of designs will be on trend for years. I really like it because it allows being elegant and relaxed at the same time. As we can see in the photo below the designed used organic materials as well.

In other modern and lifestyle focused places we can also find in addition to wood, clay, marble, and copper. They are set to be popular organic materials as well. Today, we’re highlighting the craftsmanship.

It seems like they tried to smuggle in some rustic elements that are also popular in these days. I would add more green to the Club Café (e.g. Living green wall).

PGA Catalunya Resort - The Club Café

What I am missing from the refurbished Club Café is the usage of bespoke lighting. The usage of remote controls and apps will gain momentum in 2018 and the coming years as personalization of service is in the center of HORECA.

I am sure that the Club Café guests would appreciate if they could adjust the lighting according to their needs and not vice versa.

Although I know that gastronomy is at the estate’s luxury lifestyle experience and Club Café is part of this experience, they should also think about instagrammability. 

We all know how much people like to take a photo/picture of their food and drink (some people call it ‘food porn‘), but if you would like to increase the visibility of your café, restaurant, golf course etc. then you should give more reasons to your guests to share their experiences.

For the same reason, Le Golfs d’Hardelot put this board on its golf course (see below).

Les Golfs d'Hardelot Share with Us point for The Club Café

2 final thoughts and recommendations for Club Café

  1. The developers of Club Café could have thought about giving a specific theme to their café to make it even more unique.
  2. Embrace community -> think about how can you bring your community together.