Improved playing experience at the Royal Mougins Golf Resort

By: June 4, 2018

The French Riviera‘s only golf resort, the Royal Mougins Golf Resort (since 1993; member of IMG Prestige) has just completed a comprehensive upgrade of the bunkers and irrigation system. This is part of the significant six-figure upgrade.

Royal Mougins Golf Resort’s 18-hole championship course was designed by world-famous architect Robert Von Hagge. Voted ‘France’s Best Golf Hotel‘ at the World Golf Awards in 2016 and 2017. The resort is owned by Rattan Chandra (the former owner of MEXX).

A state-of-the-art irrigation system has been installed over the winter to improve the all-year-round condition of the course, the terrain on some holes have been reshaped to help playability and the driving range has been upgraded – including the installation of nine new target greens.

Royal Mougins Golf Resort

A Syngenta study in 2013 found that golfers care the most on course about these 5 issues:

  1. Greens roll smoothly,
  2. Course design,
  3. The golf course is visually appealing,
  4. High probability of finding golf balls in rough within a reasonable time,
  5. The course blends naturally into its environment.

In that list, the sustainability-related topics were closer to the bottom. Today golf clubs and resorts like the Royal Mougins Golf Resort cannot afford not to integrate sustainability into their golf course operations.

Although they claim on their website that the Royal Mougins Golf Club, supported by the GEO (Golf Environment Organization), has developed an environmentally responsible maintenance program, I cannot find it on GEO’s website.

I don’t how many of you aware of it, but Millennials are really eco-conscious and their values are driving trends in luxury travel.

The Credit Suisse’s 2017 Global Investor report said: “Companies must deliver good social and environmental performance and engage in sustainable practices or their future growth could be at risk.” 

I would be happy to hear from Royal Mougins Golf Resort how do they utilize the latest irrigation technologies (e.g. Rain Bird’s IC Connect products; Toro’s IoT solution).