How golf club employee experience impacts CX?

By: December 17, 2018

In these days I am reading Micah Solomon’s ‘The Heart of Hospitality‘ book.

Although it is about the hotel business (e.g. Marriott International, The Ritz-Carlton Hotels & Resorts, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts), we as golf clubs and resorts should behave like hospitality companies.

Therefore, I thought there are some ideas that can be implemented in our golf clubs as well.

I believe engaged employees have got the biggest impact on the overall customer experience (CX) available at our golf club. 

They have got the most direct connection with our golf clubs’ guests and members.

Golf club employee experience & its impacts

When you think about customer experience innovation you cannot neglect the importance of employee experience with your golf club (the importance of supplier experience is not less important, but this post is about employee experience).

Nowadays, more and more studies (e.g. Temkin Group, Gallup) are confirming the correlation between employee experience and success in customer experience and business performance.

Losing talent can be costly. Positive experiences and high engagement can minimalize talent loss.

The research of IBM Smarter Workforce Institute and Globoforce’s WorkHuman Research Institute found that employee experience and engagement go hand in hand to reflect employees’ states at work.

The successful employee experience innovation is affecting at least three areas of a golf club’s operations:

  • Recruitment,
  • Workforce retention,
  • and of course the overall customer experience.

Yes, if a golf club is known as a super employer it will attract much more applications. Our existing employees will more likely to recommend our golf clubs where it is great to work.

The questions is how to select the best possible candidates? 

Golf club employee experience development finding the ideal candidates

Hospitality Quotient

Gregg Patterson once recommended me hiring people who are naturally happy as happy staff is key in the hospitality industry.

I agreed with him, but since then I was looking for a more sophisticated solution how to select the best candidates.

This is how I found partly thanks to Micah Solomon’s ‘The Heart of Hospitality‘ book, Danny Meyer‘s Hospitality Quotient concept.

Danny Meyer is a world-renowned restaurateur.

He is known also as the proprietor of Shake Shack, New Yorkers know him for his neighborhood restaurants, from Union Square Café to Gramercy Tavern

He believes that six personality traits define an employee’s hospitality quotient.

By checking if the below-mentioned traits can be found at your candidates you can get close to the ideal, future employees:

  1. Kindness & Optimism
  2. Intellectual Curiosity 
  3. Work ethic
  4. Empathy: being able to resonate and connect with others is a powerful skill.
  5. Self-awareness: these employees who are self-aware may be having a bad they, but they are able to put it behind and focus on work.
  6. Integrity: a person with high level of integrity is someone who you can TRUST and RELY UPON.

I am not sure if the above-mentioned traits can be taught. They may be honed and refined over time, but a candidate will not be able to pick up for instance intellectual curiosity or optimism.

Extra ideas for finding the best future employees

Just like in marketing, HR professionals should adopt the segmentation techniques to succeed in recruitment.

I would test (at least) to focus on such niche career sites and job boards that are for hospitality & restaurant job seeks.

Try to find assessment solutions that are relevant to golf clubs and resorts.

It is not a bad idea also to create your own custom golf club benchmark. I am sure you have employees who you consider as the ideal employees

Use their profiles as a benchmark for future recruitments.