Massive focus on sustainability at New Zealand Golf

By: September 10, 2019

I was very pleased to hear that New Zealand Golf in cooperation with New Zealand Golf Industry Council and the Golf Managers Association of New Zealand has launched a new national sustainability initiative.

They want to drive their country’s golf clubs’ sustainability performance.

As part of this initiative, they launched the OnCourse® New Zealand –  a national version of the international program developed and assured by GEO Foundation.

The OnCourse® New Zealand is launched from Remuera Golf Club in Auckland – the home of New Zealand Golf, the Golf Managers Association of New Zealand (GMANZ) and the New Zealand Golf Industry Council (NZGIC).

I think this initiative is in line with the New Zealand government’s target. They want to become a carbon zero country by 2050.

New Zealand Golf OnCourse New Zealand

Dean Murphy, the CEO of New Zealand Golf (NZG) said

All of the associations felt it was time to take our existing efforts in environmental stewardship and social value to the next level.

We see this as vital to the long-term health of our clubs and the sport, and we also want to make a meaningful contribution to the issues that we know are of significant concern for the people of New Zealand.

The above-mentioned Remuera Golf Club was the first GEO Certified® golf club in New Zealand.

The Royal Wellington Golf Club became GEO Certified® in 2017. Last year Tara Iti Golf Club earned the same recognition.

New Zealand Golf – industry insights

When you hear New Zealand, you might not think of this country as the world’s 15th largest golfing country (418 golf courses).

Would you believe that golf is the most played sport in New Zealand with over half a million kiwis playing golf each year?

In 2016, there were 482,000 golfers (10.68% of the total population; age: 18+). The highest participation sport in New Zealand.

If New Zealand would be a European country, then it would be the 3rd largest golfing country in terms of the number of golfers.

The golf industry employs over 2,000 people and contributes more than a billion dollars to the national economy each year. 

Tara Iti Golf Club New Zealand Golf

The 2017 New Zealand Golf Annual Report found

  • 104,251 registered golf club members;
  • 23.3% of the registered golf club members are women = 24,271 female golfers.
  • 88,336 – so-called registered casual golfers.

The New Zealand Participation Survey 2017 says the

  • Main motivation of adult kiwis to play golf is fun.
  • The secondary motivation is physical well-being.
  • The third (14%) said to spend time with family & friends.

In neighboring Australia, golf was ‘fun/enjoyment’ (58%), ‘social reasons’ (46%), and ‘Physical health/fitness’ (33%).