Nine Bridges has earned to be a GEO Certified golf club

By: November 6, 2019

You might say that the achievement of Nine Bridges is nothing special. However, if I put in contact then you very likely to change your mind.

Today there are 538 golf clubs in South Korea. Out of this 538 golf club, only two are GEO Certified: Nine Bridges and Haesley Nine Bridges.

2019 Nine Bridges Forum participants and GEO Certification

The Nine Bridges certification follows in the footsteps of Haesley Nine Bridges on the South Korean mainland.

The Haesley Nine Bridges was first GEO Certified in 2015 and again in 2018. 

Both sites have been audited by the independent verifier, YS Baek – an experienced environmental consultant based in Seoul.

The presentation of the GEO Certified award was part of the 2nd Nine Bridges Forum.

Nine Bridges & sustainable tournaments

The Nine Bridges as the host venue of the CJ Cup (the only official PGA Tour event in Korea) has already implemented several initiatives to achieve sustainable tournament:

  • dedication to local suppliers and contractors;
  • caterers who use local and organic ingredients and avoid single-use plastics;
  • new spectator recycling points;
  • and the use of water bottles made from bioplastic produced by the CJ Corporation.
Nine Bridges GEO Certified for the 3rd time 2019

It is very good that Nine Bridges has already started to invest in sustainable tournament.

However, if we compare it with the sustainability efforts of Royal Portrush (host of the 148th Open Championship) or the Waste Management Phoenix Open then we can see plenty of room for improvement.