What are the new benefits of the OnCourse program?

By: December 12, 2019

The GEO Foundation has just announced the latest updates and changes in its OnCourse program.

These are the new features of the OnCourse program:

  • Annual Sustainability Scorecard – tracks the 32 Sustainability Metrics for Golf, giving clubs easy access to key data and year-on-year trends, plus professional-standard presentations and graphics prepared for each club.
  • OnCourse Carbon Calculator – calculates carbon emissions, sequestration & balance plus guidance on how to improve.
  • Communications materials – more ways to communicate with colleagues, golfers, and community – including monthly themed campaigns for clubs that want to do more around a particular issue.
  • Consultations – free call to determine which aspects of OnCourse will best meet a club’s aims and needs, and how to get started or connect with additional support if desired.
OnCourse Online Program by the GEO Foundation

The OnCourse program is now available in 11 languages.

What I miss from the new OnCourse program

  • Why don’t they facilitate a real-time and continuous conversation with their partners and among the partners? E.g. by using chatbots, WhatsApp group, live chat service, digital streaming services, etc. Live streaming could actually contribute to better customer experience. I think it is more comfortable for people to watch a video than reading a long text.
  • The videos could explain better an issue than photos. In 2018, Zenith had forecast that online video consumption would not reach 84 minutes per day until 2020.
  • A 1:1 video approach can apply to following-up on an inquiry, offering content, delivering support, etc.
  • How to tackle water supply & quality + soil moisture challenges. 
Update: OnCourse program – 16:55 CET

I have just received updates from the GEO Foundation regarding my recommendations:

  • OnCourse program has a water budget tool and recommends soil moisture meters;
  • 1-1 phone and video consultations are already offered to OnCourse users;
  • Video content is currently being produced that pulls together testimonials, club highlights, and videos.

If you want to get more information on the OnCourse program without creating an account then here is an OnCourse program guide.