How to streamline tee time booking with Golf Booking Software?

By: February 4, 2021

It is really surprising to find golf clubs in 2021 that are using the classic and outdated tee time booking method: telephone + paper + pen/pencil.

In many cases I get answers to my question – why do they still manage this why their tee time booking – are full of stereotypes and ageism.

Such answers are not very flattering to the game of golf, but to golf clubs too.

As you look back on last year, I see the COVID-19 pandemic further increased the demand and the need for the digital transformation of golf club operations.

Screenshot from Golf Booking Software

Now the digitalization is not primarily a cost-cutting tool rather to provide exceptional customer experience, e.g., customer-facing initiatives such as tee time booking, digital marketing, service & product personalization, and streamlining the customer journey of golf club customers.

Customer experience is a leading priority for modern businesses.

I see the digital transformation (e.g. tee time booking) becoming one of the most significant determinants of competitive advantage as the recovery continues.

As a result of the current crisis, consumer behavior has already changed. The digitalization that golf clubs cannot avoid will change the way we work.

Working remotely (sales, marketing, accountant, and greenkeepers partially) will be very soon the normal way of working and not something extraordinary/unusual.

Adrian Meronk - European Tour Player - Ambasador of Golf Booking Software

Move forward 1 step at least toward online tee-time booking!

Now you must show and prove to your golf club members and guest how well you can exceed their expectations and solve their problems.

I will show you here, a golf club management software that its implementation and usage is almost a no-brainer….even your granny will be able to use it. Are you ready?

Golf Booking Software‘s offer

The most pleasant and advantageous solution when the golf club management software does not require installation and hardware.

This is what Golf Booking Software is offering to golf clubs.

Your golf club’s IT manager will be happy to hear as well that we are talking about a cloud-based solution. It helps you to get access to your account at your convenience regardless of time and place.

When it comes to pricing, I would not talk about services in terms of cheap or pricy. As a golf club manager, you should compare the value of a service (=the offer; e.g. Golf Booking Software) can deliver to you vs the price.

Plus, how it likely to improve the customer experience available in your golf club.

Another interesting aspect is employee experience. I am sure your golf club employees will appreciate working with modern and easy-to-use software. This will contribute to employee engagement in the end.

I found these advantageous features in Golf Booking Software.

It is good to know that the developer of Golf Booking Software will be able to provide you API gateway. Thus, you can combine this software with others you are already using (e.g. F&B).

Working remotely whenever and wherever we are gaining momentum. This software is providing a mobile application for golfers to book their tee times.

So far over 40 golf clubs are using Golf Booking Software in countries like the UK, Norway, Estonia, Poland, Zimbabwe, Serbia, and Georgia.

I hope with these insights I was able to wipe off all of the negative perceptions and urban legends around golf club management softwares.

Take a chance on Golf Booking Software and start to impress your golf club members and guests!

This article is brought to you by Golf Booking Software.