Why didn’t Brokenhurst Manor have to give up on fleet development?

By: March 11, 2021

I almost say I’ll continue where I left off yesterday when I wrote about Heritage Links’ Florida projects.

We need to be prepared to ensure that our golf courses are immaculate when we reopen them. Of course, it is more than welcome if the marketer – in this case, John Deere Financial – can help you with a contract lease arrangement.

Brokenhurst Manor Golf Club-John Deere

Brockenhurst Manor Golf Club is in the fortunate position that John Deere’s local turf dealer Hunt Forest Group could offer them John Deere Financial’s lease solution.

This is Brokenhurst Manor’s first-ever fleet package deal using a John Deere Financial contract lease arrangement.

Thanks to this financial solution a Brokenhurst Manor Golf Club was able to purchase:

  • a 7500A PrecisionCut fairway mower,
  • two 2653B tees & surrounds mowers,
  • TX Turf and TE electric Gator utility vehicles,
  • a ProGator equipped with a Charterhouse top dresser and
  • a 5075E utility tractor on low ground pressure tyres,
  • plus ancillary equipment including a tractor-trailer,
  • a Campey TB 220 brush, and a Tru-Turf greens roller.
Finance lease – benefits

Although my source did not highlight what kind of lease this is, I assume it is a finance lease deal.

Companies like this leasing type because:

  • Minimum capital expenditure.
  • Accurate monthly budgeting.
  • A fixed interest rate is available on some contracts.
  • No damage recharge as you are responsible for disposal of the vehicle.
  • Finance lease is a very popular choice for VAT registered companies as they can claim back 50% of the VAT on the finance element for cars and generally 100% for commercials (subject to no private use). On contracts with maintenance, the service element VAT is 100% recoverable
  • Optional breakdown rescue cover.
  • Optional replacement vehicle cover in event of a breakdown.

Before you would select any leasing type consider your golf club’s requirement and tax situation.

Brokenhurst Manor Golf Club – updates

  • Host venue of the Brabazon Trophy Southern Qualifier, in May.
  • The club hosted the 1st of last summer’s eight Rose Ladies Series tournaments, sponsored by Justin Rose.