Golf de Pals gave an opportunity to autonomous mowers

By: April 5, 2021

How many of you have thought to implement autonomous/robotic mowers in your golf clubs? What motivates you to consider them? I am asking this because it is one of the commercial landscaping trends in 2021. My clients explain that this is how they want to solve the growing labor challenges and budget constraints caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Among the larger manufacturers, I discovered autonomous mowers at

The autonomous greens mower surfaced in 2009 at GIS in New Orleans.

After reading the features of automatic mowers (e.g. Husqvarna, Honda, Gardena, Robomow, etc.) I had the impression that these mowers are not able to offer the same power and features as traditional mowers. Not to mention they don’t have bags and leave the clippings back on turf/lawn.

At the same time I see opportunities in their usage in the near future.

Golf de Pals autonomous mower

Golf de Pals tests autonomous mowers

I shared this with you because Golf de Pals, the oldest club in the Costa Brava, has just implemented autonomous mowers, which can cover 4000 square meters in 24 hours.

These autonomous mowers help the club to reduce its carbon footprint and contribute to its sustainability efforts. Golf de Pals says:

It is a trial period to test the efficiency and so far, it has been successful. We have been using them on the driving range and the first hole and we must consider how we replace our greenkeeping machinery in the longer term with sustainability and the environment so important.”

Golf de Pals has also taken advantage of the restrictions of the pandemic to make course improvements with new tees on seven holes and irrigation improvements.  

Golf de Pals golf course with golfers

Elsewhere in the region, Empordà Golf will be installing a solar panel facility in the next few months, which will provide 25% of the energy required to power the golf club and hotel. There will also be two charge points for electric vehicles as part of the project.