Mas Garriga is the new great escape destination after the lockdown!

By: April 26, 2021

Last week I really enjoy discovering The Manor House‘s latest acquisition the Baker’s Cottage (in Castle Combe village). Since then, I have learned a new term: self-contained house. Both Baker’s Cottage and Mas Garriga are self-contained houses.

Hotel Peralada Wine Spa & Golf is offering a country house feel in the recently renovated and fully equipped Mas Garriga at the foot of its golf course (par-71 course; host venue of the 1995 Catalonia Open).

Mas Garriga building Hotel Peralada Wine Spa Golf-resized

Among increased safety and health the self-contained accommodation solutions are gaining momentum. There is no surprise in this is.

Access to the facilities of the Hotel Peralada Wine Spa & Golf is included, but it presents an intimate setting for small groups to enjoy a stay in the heart of the Empordà and to explore the region. Stays start from €400 per day (minimum two-night stay) or €2280 per week for groups of up to six people:

  • House of 150 sqm;
  • 1 Suite bedroom;
  • 2 Double bedrooms;
  • 3 Bathrooms;
  • Equipped kitchen;
  • 100 sqm terrace.
Mas Garriga kitchen Hotel Peralada Wine Spa Golf

Meanwhile, the majority of wineries expect that wine tourism will return to pre-covid levels no earlier than 2022.

In keeping with the passion for wine at Peralada, the new winery is ripening and ready for launch in spring 2022 and has already been awarded LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Certification for its environmental sustainability and energy efficiency of the building.

The new winery utilizes geothermal energy to provide much of its heat. The building is close to completion and the €40m facility will produce a staggering 3m bottles per year when it is fully operational.

Club de Golf Peralada Mas Garriga golf course

Reaping the benefits of personalization & customer experience development

As more and more golf clubs and resorts are opening we can test very quickly our previous customer experience development and personalization investments.

If you delivered before the lockdown true 1-on-1 personalization + memorable & meaningful moments to your golf resort guests then it is expectable they will return to you soon.

One of my golf club marketing predictions for 2021 was the growth of mobile services and solutions for our guests:

  • ordering drink & food during the game,
  • booking table in the clubhouse during the game or from home;
  • booking training with the preferred PGA Pro of the club,
  • application for golf club membership, etc.

I would not stop here. Think about how you can help your employees to execute their work and deliever exceptional CX with mobile solutions.

Mas Garriga and golf course