What are the achievements of the PGA National Czech Republic in sustainability?

By: April 29, 2021

It has been almost a year since I was able to participate in the official launch of the PGA National Czech Republic. I had already heard then about the participation of the PGA National Czech Republic in the OnCourse program of the Golf Environment Organization.

This time, I can share with you their achievements in sustainability.

PGA National Czech Republic - Sustainability.infographic

It is no small challenge to meet the requirements of GEO‘s sustainability with an area of 104 hectares. They even considered the local community’s and stakeholders’ interests. The golf resort and the golf club are surrounded by small villages.

PGA National Czech Republic – sustainability achievements

  • Added 23.15 hectares of natural habitat in the last year to have 76% of their land as undisturbed to promote biodiversity.
  • Reduced the use of fertilizers, chemicals, and irrigation due to a reduced turf area.
  • With the turfgrass, there is, it is a priority to manage grasses that are best adapted to the local climate and soils.
  • Naturalizing out-of-play areas on the course has also helped to reduce energy consumption through less irrigation pumping and machinery fuel costs.
Oaks Prague 14th PGA National Czech Republic
  • Avoiding single-use plastic products such as bottled water, straws, and cups. The club is able to successfully recycle 100% of plastic, 90% metal, 90% of paper/cardboard, and 100% grass clippings that are sent to compost.
  • Commitment to 100% of irrigation water being captured from the on-course drainage system filtering rainwater.
  • The golf club wants to make the property accessible to non-golfers; work in partnership with local organizations, promote life-long volunteering; and support local charities.
  • Community and health initiatives have led to 16 hours of volunteering by staff, 50% use of local suppliers, two charity initiatives, 99% of all golf rounds walked, and almost 51,000 hours spent in nature by golfers last year.
PGA National Czech Republic Hole 15th

Just out of curiousity

  • Will they use sustainable, reusable, and biodegradable materials to craft the interior of the clubhouse?
  • Will they consider using recyclable aluminum water bottles?
  • Which eco-friendly materials will they use?
  • How they want to achieve zero food waste like Sentosa Golf Club in Singapore?
  • What does PGA National Czech Republic think of sustainable golf tourism? How will they safeguard guests’ and members’ health?

If I were them, I would consider these segments of sustainability. What do you think of the above-mentioned ideas?