What will NexxChange gain from the acquisition of E-Golf4U?

By: May 19, 2021

We are witnessing the digitalization of golf club operations (including tee time booking). I wish even “Mickey Mouse” golf courses will understand now that the Excel-sheet and telephone-based golf club management is not viable and not profitable anymore.

The COVID-19 pandemic has swung a lot in this process. In the last 3 years, I follow the development of the Austrian NexxChange golf club management software company. Today I can say it is more than a clever start-up company.

NexxChange became quickly a dominant player in the Austrian market (108,733 registered golfers, 160 golf courses in 2018):

  • The Austrian Golf Federation selected NexxChange to be their official tee time booking solution.
  • The largest golf course operator in the DACH Region (Germany-Austria-Swizterland) Murhof Group (23 golf courses, 90,000+ green fee rounds, around 28,000 members, and 300 employees) is also a NexxChange client.
Nexxchange-Egolf acquisition

NexxChange became a pool partner of the Golf Management Association Germany (GMVD) in 2020. Germany is the largest golf market in Continental Europe. The number of registered golfers was 651,417 and there are cca. 730 golf courses in 2020.

Nexxchange has become a certified software vendor for golf clubs in Europe that are members of the Golf
Federations of Austria, Germany, Italy, France, United Kingdom, and Ireland.

NexxChange acquires E-Golf4U golf club management software

NexxChange’s latest acquisition of the Dutch E-Golf4U golf club management software is a very logical step. The E-Golf4U is a market leader in The Netherlands. As of today, there are 396,299 registered golfers and 252 golf courses in The Netherlands.

By acquiring E-Golf4U NexxChange will be able to

  • Grow faster in The Netherlands thanks to its partner’s reputation and awareness;
  • Offer mobile application for its clients.

Both companies will collaborate on standardized products for 2022, based on Nexxchange’s
current offerings.
By taking over E-Golf4U they will be able to combine the knowledge of both
systems, and so develop the best and most broadly-based solutions for the European market.

Marketing automation

I hope they will soon fill their gaps in marketing automation. This could make NexxChange even more competitive. Plus, help their clients to focus on more strategic tasks such as planning and design, goal development, conducting research, establishing branding consistency, measuring KPIs, and more.

Marketing automation is not just about handling more emails. It is also about:

  • Audience segmentation and targeting,
  • Upselling & cross-selling activities,
  • Customer lifecycle marketing and customer retention programs;
  • Lead generation, nurturing, and scoring;
  • A/B testing and analytics.