How did 59club convince Troon International to cooperate?

By: June 11, 2021

Troon International has selected 59club to afford its venues full access to their market-leading “performance management” products & services. Troon International is not entirely a new client for 59club. In the second half of this article, I will show you interesting customer experience measurement trends.

The catalyst for the new agreement was centred around 59club Middle East & Africa’s existing successful support of nine Troon International properties in the Middle East 

These venues already utilize 59club’s wide range of mystery shopping products, including the golf visitor experience: golf membership sales inquiry; group golf inquiry call, and integrity audits.

They have also adopted the my59 survey platform to measure their member experience; custom-fit service, with 59club delivering onsite staff training which is supported by the recently launched ‘My59 Mentor’ virtual training platform.

Mark Chapleski of Troon International & Mark Bull of 59club MEA

Troon International show me you know me!

In October 2020, Salesforce published its 4th State of the Connected Customer study. Here are some interesting findings of the study was

76% of customers expect consistent interactions across departments. However, 54% say it generally feels like sales, service, and marketing don’t share information.

Moreover, more than half (52%) of customers expect offers to always be personalized.”

We should see personalization not as ‘nice to have’ action rather as a table stakes.

Golf clubs today in a critical moment to know their guests and members and relate to what they’re experiencing. This is why I think it is good for Troon International-managed golf clubs to have almost real-time information about their guests’ and members’ needs and expectations.

Prediction-The-future-of-CX-hero Troon International

What I would love to hear from Troon International is

How do you boost your data & analytics capabilities to harness predictive insights to connect more closely with your customers and identify CX issues & opportunities in real-time?

We must implement data-driven CX systems to reduce churn, boost revenues, and lower cost to serve.