What are the real benefits of golf club employee experience technology?

By: June 1, 2021

We do not just use technology today – we have a relationship with it. When it comes to tech at work in a golf club — the software, systems, and apps employees use in their day-to-day jobs—that relationship status is best described as cumbersome.

Golf club employees want to use technology at work and recognize its potential for making their work and their skills better. This is also true regarding the customer-facing golf club employees too.

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It happens in many cases that the technology solution is not always chosen with the user in mind. This is why our golf club employees feel these technology solutions are impeding their progress, or worse, wasting their time.

Jacek Gulmantowicz, co-founder of Golf Booking Software told me

“It is beneficial for club managers to understand how such softwares can ease the work of their employees (see employee experience), especially in golf clubs with a significant size of membership. Thus, your precious workforce can focus on other important tasks.”

Employee experience development consists of three parts:
  1. Technological environment,
  2. Physical environment,
  3. Cultural environment.

The technological environment includes everything from the tee time booking apps you use to the hardware and software (e.g. tee time booking) to the user interface and design.

Technology is what helps enable much of the future work and employee experience.

Technology workplace employee experience

The employee experience gap matters

The experience gap matters. Golf club managers must have a clear and exact understanding of how their employees use technology in their everyday jobs. If you have not asked your employees what their needs are and wants from those tools, the overall employee experience people have at work can suffer.

In short, golf club employees look for options that help them do their best work.

In a post-pandemic workplace, many of the technologies adopted in 2020, for instance collaboration tools that made remote and hybrid workplace models viable during the pandemic are here to stay.

I believe today’s golf club employees are really open to learn new skills and technology solutions. They are ready to learn new skills and dedicate sufficient time for this purpose.

PwC’s Tech at Work study found employees are perhaps best motivated to acquire new digital skills when they can help them achieve promotions or other recognitions.

The World Economic Forum estimates that by 2022, more than half (54%) of employees are going to need significant training, with more than a third of that number (35%) needing at least six months’ worth of effort.

I also experience in discussions with clients how important human relationships/touch are to them even if they enjoy the benefits of technology. They do not want machines to fully replace valuable human connections.

What you can do is…

  1. Be as transparent as you can with news technology decisions and deployments.
  2. Look at the technologies golf club employees use in their personal lives (e.g. WhatsApp) and see what technological attributes you can bring into the golf club (as an organization).
  3. Your IT manager/department should understand how and why golf club employees work.

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