When will the London Golf Club achieve carbon neutrality?

By: June 17, 2021

Who will be the first carbon-neutral golf club: London Golf Club (UK) or Sentosa Golf Club (Singapore)? Regardless, who will be the winner, we have to look at sustainability as a matter of value creation, not value preservation. People today start to understand what is at stake.

Sentosa Golf Club is planning to purchase certified carbon offsets through regional Forestry or Blue Carbon projects that will sequester atmospheric carbon while defending against deforestation and fostering conservation of forests,
mangroves and reefs.

Furthermore, Sentosa Golf Club is also aiming to join the United Nations’ Race to Zero (carbon emissions) campaign following its pledge to neutralize the Club’s carbon footprint by 2022.

Sentosa Golf Club carbon netural golf club by 2022

The Club has already undertaken the important first step of establishing its carbon footprint against the Green House Gas Protocol, in conjunction with Sentosa Development Corporation’s (SDC) island-wide carbon profiling efforts and GEO Foundation.

Sentosa Golf Club’s commitment is aligned with SDC’s goals towards sustainability. SDC announced in March 2021 that Sentosa Island would be transformed into a carbon-neutral destination by 2030 as a key goal in its sustainability plan, bringing on board some 200 businesses within Sentosa to work towards the collective aspiration of island carbon neutrality.

London Golf Club golf course bunker close look

London Golf Club‘s carbon-neutrality efforts

Sentosa Golf Club raised the bar pretty high for international golf clubs like the London Golf Club. London Golf Club seems to be even further behind in achieving carbon neutrality than Sentosa Golf Club.

GreenClub – environmental consultants

GreenClub was recently appointed as an environmental consultancy. Their task will be to develop environmental strategies to address current and future business needs, while also delivering major events in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way.     

GreenClub chief executive, Liam Greasley, said:

We will produce an initial detailed report with recommendations that will form the basis of an environmental roadmap for London Golf Club to achieve carbon neutrality.

It will be a comprehensive audit to assess current levels of efficiency and to suggest appropriate improvements to reduce emissions and overheads.

London Golf Club golf course fairway

Where is your golf club in achieving carbon-neutrality? Share your best practices and insights in the comment box!