What development will the QHotels Group use the £2m for?

By: June 1, 2021

Before I would share with you QHotels Group‘s investment plans, it is worth understanding what are the expectations in the hospitality industry in the UK.

Here are some interesting insights to consider

  • Over 50% of UK travelers are expected to take fewer overseas trips in 2021 according to a VisitBritain survey from October 2020.
  • VisitBritain predicts recovery of £61.7 billion in domestic tourism spend in 2021, up by a staggering 79% compared to 2020.

This seems to be supported by Profitroom data: between 1 January 2021 and 19 May 2021 reveals that hotels in the United Kingdom have seen an average increase in revenue of 75%.

Colliers estimates that if only 40% of the amount spent by UK citizens abroad in 2019 is spent in the UK instead this year it will add £22 billion of spending to the UK domestic market.

Based on these insights, let’s see what development will the QHotels Group use the £2m investment for!

QHotels Group Oulton Hall clubhouse

QHotels Group‘s £2m investment

Let’s look at QHotels Group’s £2m investment in light of the above-mentioned insights. ASGCA’s latest Golf Facility Market Trend Watch study found that golf club members and guests are most interested in golf course renovation…especially in private golf clubs.

Do you think golfers in the UK think significantly differently?

Following this customer need and trend QHotels Group will be rolling out an upgrade to its facilities and courses worth £2m at its seven golf venues in England and Scotland over the next 12 months, with further significant investment to follow in 2022 and 2023.

QHotels Group Slaley Hall golf course

The three-year improvement program will cover all sectors of The QHotels Group’s golf-course business, with the renovation work set to start this spring.

The focus of QHotels Group investment

At the heart of the investment is a major upgrade of the greenkeeping equipment, with each resort receiving the latest in mowing technology to deliver improved playing surfaces on all of its acclaimed courses.

Bunkers, pathways, and drainage systems at each venue will also be overhauled in the next 12 months, while The QHotels Group is further improving the golf experience it offers by adding to the fleet of golf buggies available at every resort. (These golf carts should be equipped with a navigation service as well! See Visage system of Club Car)

Away from the fairways, golfers can practice using improved driving-range facilities while all of the resorts’ pro shops are being given a fresh new look and upgraded with new fixtures and fittings.

Belton Woods 4th lakes QHotels Group

My concerns & questions to QHotels Group

I believe sustainability in not a whim. The study of McKinsey and the World Economic Forum is right when they say

“There is no clear path to deliver climate mitigation without investing in nature.”

Today serious investors take into consideration many more environmental, social, and governance factors (ESG). It is really urgent to take seriously GEO’s OnCourse environmental stewardship program!

It was already clearly visible last year that the classic driving range service will not impress our guests and members. That’s why I drew your attention to redefine the driving range experience for the sake of an attractive customer experience. Ask companies like Toptracer, Inrange Golf, Trackman, etc. how they can help you.

If we add entertainment elements to our driving range experience, we will be able to attract even non-golfers who simply want to have fun and looking for exciting places and venues. This can be used also as a hook to ‘acquire’ new people for golf and your golf clubs too. I would expect extra revenues too.

The golf industry wasted too much time not to offer its customers mobile shopping opportunities via their mobile app. E.g.

  • ordering drink & food during the game,
  • booking table in the clubhouse during the game or from home;
  • booking training with the preferred PGA Pro of the club,
  • application for golf club membership, etc.

Such service could also enhance the golf experience in QHotels Group‘s golf venues.

I hope QHotels Group will take some of my advice.