Redbourn Golf Club invests £1 million in sustainability

By: July 28, 2021

Redbourn Golf Club (part of BGL Golf) became GEO Certified in 2013. In the very same year, Hoebridge Golf Centre (part of BGL Golf) earned the same title. To achieve the certification Redbourn Golf Club had to fulfill criteria in 6 areas:

  1. Nature,
  2. Water,
  3. Energy,
  4. Supply Chain,
  5. Pollution Control and
  6. Community.

In 2012 BGL Golf put all of its courses through the OnCourse program and become GEO Certified followed by the accreditation of The Shropshire in late 2014.

Redbourn Golf reaffirmed along with the Hoebridge Golf Centre, Burhill Golf Club its GEO Certified status in November 2020. Thus BGL Golf is the only multi-course operator to gain GEO Certified status across all sites.

Redbourn Golf Club by BGL

The £1 million investment in sustainability & F&B

Redbourn Golf Club is nearing the completion of a £1 million investment project designed to significantly improve the club’s sustainability, while also elevating its food and beverage offerings and practice facilities. 

The project at Redbourn Golf Club began in late 2017, with an initial focus on the overhaul of the club’s bar and restaurant area. The process involved the closure of all clubhouse facilities while the whole area was stripped out and redeveloped.

Following the indoor renovation work, Redbourn’s maintenance team set about the creation of a large-scale irrigation lake to the side of the 8th and 10th holes. This has enabled the club to rely exclusively on rainfall and a borehole for its water supply.

Since completion in May 2019, all water that has been used to maintain the 27-hole venue has come from those sustainable sources rather than water mains.

Less than a year later, the club turned its attention to improving its golf offering, with the installation of globally recognized TrackMan technology on its driving range. The new state-of-the-art facility boasts 20 indoor and 6 outdoor TrackMan Range bays.

sustainable Redbourn Golf Club

Redbourn Golf Club took the decision to replace, and make upgrades to all external clubhouse areas, with stylish outdoor furnishings and newly laid patios completed in January this year. 

Most recently, club management announced the installation of a new, full irrigation system that will run across all 27 holes on the property.

Efficient sprinkler heads and computerized programming will allow the greens staff to implement a watering schedule that will improve the playability of the course all year round, further enhancing the member and visitor experience alike.

The first two phases of this installation are now complete, with the final phase set to be finished early next year.