Who is helping Roganstown Hotel & Country Club become sustainable?

By: August 25, 2021

Before I share with you GreenClub’s latest new business win (Roganstown Hotel & Country Club) let’s see what are the top sustainability trends in 2021.

I see the following 5 sustainability trends golf clubs should follow:

  • Decarbonisation of golf club operations. It includes energy efficiency, behavioural change, electrification, renewables, hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels, bio-energy, and carbon capture, utilisation and storage. See the example of the London Golf Club (UK) & the Sentosa Golf Club (Singapore).
  • Customer awareness is pushing the environment, social, and governance (ESG) agenda. S&P Global says Greece, Italy, Spain and Belgium are most exposed to water stress between now and 2050, followed by Germany, France, Hungary and the U.K. Water stress refers to the combination of both reduced water availability (rainfall) and increased water demand (population, industrial and agricultural use). A growing number of companies consider ESG to be a key component of their overall business strategy.
Roganstown Hotel & Country Club golf course with river
  • Digital sustainability is shaping water & resource recycling. It is the driver of operational efficiency improvements. Just think about how companies like John Deere, Toro, Soil Scout, or Rain Bird are trying to help golf club to enable them to avoid wasting water and chemicals. Cloud-based data platforms for better decision support are really crucial.
  • Building sustainable & resilient supply chains: I am expecting a rapid growth of supply chain sustainability software solutions and services to provide an integrated, end-to-end solutions
  • Sustainability as a service – we should create such golf club services incorporate sustainability in their design from the very beginning. E.g. avoid using single-use plastic products.

Now that we’ve discussed this well, let’s take a look at what the Roganstown Hotel & Country Club wants to achieve in sustainability.

Roganstown Hotel & Country Club the main building

Roganstown Hotel & Country Clubsustainability

As of today, Roganstown Hotel & Country Club is the only golf hotel in North Dublin offering two 18-hole championship golf courses on-site: Roganstown Golf Course and Swords Open Golf Course.

GreenClub has been recently selected to provide a sustainable roadmap across all elements of its business to ensure a greener future.

As part of the assignment, GreenClub carried out a detailed, top-to-toe review of all existing infrastructure and energy provisions. They will also help the Roganstown Hotel & Country Club to develop environmental strategies to address their current and future business needs.

They will also help the resort to deliver major events in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way, the sustainable strategy that GreenClub will put in place. 

It will create an opportunity for the venue to generate their own renewable energy on-site using the most appropriate power sources – helping to reduce overheads.

McGuinness said:

Sustainable energy provision and a greener approach to all elements of Roganstown infrastructure is very important to me and the whole team here.

We were one of the first golf resorts here in Ireland to install a wood chip burner, rather then rely on LPG gas, and alongside the 60,000 trees we’ve planted in the past few years, we’re at a great starting point to begin our journey with GreenClub.”