Will women feel more welcomed at Finca Cortesin after the Solheim Cup?

By: September 13, 2021

It is not big news if I tell you that the 2023 Solheim Cup will be held in Finca Cortesin between September 18-24, 2023. Finca Cortesin will become the first venue in Spain to stage the Solheim Cup.

What excites me much more and I hope you too, is how can we make our golf clubs and resorts pleasant for women golfers where they can feel relaxed and welcome.

Kearney (a consulting firm) recommends

“Companies must transform their entire organization in support of the advancement of women, cater to their unique category needs, and authentically and effectively communicate those efforts.”

Finca Cortesin 12th tee picture Steve Carr

Syngenta’s global customer research found

“Modern women, especially the younger generations, are looking for activities and experiences that are easy to discover and understand, don’t make them feel out of place or awkward, and provide multi-faceted benefits to their life. This is the direction more and more industries and brands are moving.”

To please and attract more female golf tourists and members golf clubs and resorts like Finca Cortesin should come up with more female-focused services and offers.

The needs and expectations of male and female golfers seem to be very similar, but it’s good to notice the unique needs of women. In the figure below, we can see that the travel & hospitality industry is far behind the TOP 3 industries in sales effectiveness.

Finca Cortesin -Women-want-more

Business potential

The R&A found in 2018:

  • 36,9 million latent female golfers around the world;
  • their worth is up to $35 billion to the golf industry.

We also need to understand that 70-80% of purchase decisions are driven by women!! Think about how you can inspire and motivate women to come & stay in your golf club!

In the last couple of years, I saw many top-notch golf resorts became more family-centric and multi-generational (e.g. Terre Blanche Spa Golf Resort (France); La Reserva Club, Sotogrande; Pine Cliffs Resort (Algarve, Portugal); etc.). Such solutions also help women golf tourists to decide about a golf holiday.

Meanwhile, the share of women golfers is 25% (Europe) & 24% (USA).

I would go even further, we need much more women in the management of golf clubs. PwC says the hospitality industry attracts a high number of female graduates, but it is not doing enough to retain them.

Vicente Rubio Finca Cortesin general director

I look forward to hearing from Finca Cortesin or any other golf club / golf resort what kind of answer they will give to this customer demand.

It is also possible that there are already services designed for women at Finca Cortesin, just they have not emphasized enough. If this is the case, then they should highlight them to attract more female guests and members.