How to empower golf club frontline workers to succeed?

By: October 19, 2021

The world of work has changed. Expectations of both employers and employees have changed. A significant number of golf club employees are quitting their jobs citing issues related to the employee experience (EX), from lack of work-life balance to a desire for more workplace flexibility, as factors in their decision to change jobs.

These changes are forcing golf clubs to adapt to a new future of frontline work. 

Some wise golf clubs (e.g., Pinehurst Resort, The Dunes Golf & Beach Club, etc.) are embracing technology solutions like Beekeeper to dramatically transform the employee experience at their golf clubs, helping them attract and retain the most desirable workers, boost productivity and increase revenues.

Golf course operations frontline workers

We need to understand which technology trends will most impact the employee experience, and it should come as no surprise that respondents cited cloud-based apps (Source: Citrix: The New Employee Experience study: Emerging technologies are reshaping the future of work; July 2019) as the most significant driver of EX strategy.

In 2022, we should see golf club leaders be more proactive in using digital tools to connect their organizations and align workers to the above-mentioned mission.

I believe that the biggest asset any golf club has is its frontline workers (e.g. greenkeepers, PGA Pros, waiters, etc.).

I believe that the biggest asset any golf club has is its frontline workers (e.g. greenkeepers, PGA Pros, waiters, etc.). They are the face of your golf club brand. They are the first person your golf club guests and members will see when they enter your golf club, but also the last ones when they leave.

My impression is that they are not truly supported by their employers or the customers they serve. Today more than ever, as we continue to navigate this pandemic, but see the light at the end of the tunnel, we need to focus on empowering these precious people. Not headcounts nor manpower, just simply PEOPLE.

In the last couple of weeks, I was thinking about what kind of solutions I can recommend to my golf resort clients to enable them to effectively handle the new situation.

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Beekeeper to empower frontline golf club employees

In my search, I have found so many HR softwares that are trying to cover various areas of HR. But what I find most powerful is the intersection of HR and operational collaboration that can empower frontline golf club employees and improve their productivity.

Have you ever thought about how you can utilize mobile technology (beyond messenger applications) that you can make your own? As consumers, our expectations from and interactions with mobile technology have evolved, and = golf club employees are no exception to this.

They expect seamless, instant communication and easy access to information not only in their private lives but also at work. And this transcends generations!

If you look at this from the perspective of your golf club guests and members, their expectations have also been shaped by the real-time, on-demand world that we live in. 

They expect quick answers and solutions to their problems, they expect the staff they talk to be empowered to help them and not further escalate the issue. And empowerment comes with better training, quicker collaboration, and access to information, which can be accomplished with a mobile employee solution.

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Happy employees make for productive employees.

Happy employees make for productive employees. That was true even before the pandemic but today even more so, and keeping a pulse on your employees’ satisfaction, giving them a voice, and showing your commitment to their well-being, can make a big difference in your ability to retain and attract team members.

Beekeeper, as a leading communication and collaboration platform in hospitality, can be an effective solution to be the single point of contact for your golf club/resort’s frontline workforce to increase business agility, productivity, and member satisfaction.

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