What is the importance of the new Troon Abu Dhabi & Technogym partnership?

By: October 11, 2021

Why was it wise for Troon Abu Dhabi (Yas Links Abu Dhabi and Saadiyat Beach Golf Club) to choose Technogym to improve its wellness services?

The Global Wellness Institute predicts in its study that the physical activity economy will grow by 7,8% in the Middle East – North Africa region between 2018-2023. This is the third fastest growing region in the world. GWI is expecting that this economy will be worth about $1,139.7 billion in 2023.

In 2019 the value of the physical activity sector was $828 billion. The TOP 4 sectors within the physical activity economy are

  1. Mindful movement;
  2. Technology;
  3. Active recreation & sports
  4. Fitness.
Technogym x Troon Abu Dhabi with a golfer

Wellness is not preserved for wellness brands. Consumers are looking for more wellness options in their lives. Golf clubs should offer wellness solutions and services. In other words, today’s golfers are expecting from golf clubs and golf resorts to contribute to their wellness as much as they can.

Can we say wellness should part of the core mission of a golf club? Yes, I think so. Let’s help our guests and members to achieve wellness easier!

We also have to understand consumers appreciate and value purpose-driven brands. RepTrak’s® and StrawberryFrog’s Purpose Power Index proved that there is a connection between to be purpose-driven and business growth.

Consumers prefer purposes that improve their lives, their community, and their environment. Wellness makes purpose tangible.

Technogym x Troon Abu Dhabi Yas Links Golf Club Saadiyat Beach Golf Club

The cooperation between Technogym and golf clubs is not a new thing. I found Technogym equipment in the Education City Golf Club (Qatar), Öschberghof (Germany) and in Argentario Golf Resort & Spa. I am sure there are other golf clubs who have got Technogym equipment.

Technogym + Yas Links Golf + Saadiyat Beach Golf Club

As part of the cooperation Technogym will bring specialised golf fitness machines to Yas Links Abu Dhabi and Saadiyat Beach Golf Club.  

The Technogym Golf Performance Programme is the only scientifically based progressive golf training platform that provides continued exercise content to systematically improve performance while reducing common injuries associated with golf. 

As part of this programme, Yas Links Abu Dhabi has now officially taken delivery of a Kinesis® – ONE machine which is designed specifically for golfers and is a single, stand-alone station with hidden weight stacks. The machine offers resistance across three planes of movement and is therefore ideal for golfers looking for rehabilitation and recovery within their personal training programme.

The Kinesis® – ONE also provides users the opportunity to explore a broad range of natural movements, improving their functional skills, which is particularly useful for golfers.

Technogym x Troon Abu Dhabi Kinesis ONE

As the only resistance machine on the market the Kinesis® – ONE was designed for rotational athletes.  The resistance is user defined rather than fixed path and due to the anti-gravity technology allows for force production to be in the direct pattern of motion without being affected by gravity.

Danny Jakubowski, Group Director of Instruction, Yas Links Abu Dhabi and Saadiyat Beach Golf Club commented:

“For golfers this is a radical step forward in the fitness sphere and means we can now offer players the opportunity to not only hone their general fitness but to also improve their game, via a series of specific exercises.

Whether that’s improved mobility, stability or power development, Technogym’s equipment means our golfers can use their workouts, before a round of golf as a form of preparation and warm-up, or alternatively for recovery after a round of golf.”

What’s more good about choosing Technogym, is that the positioning of Technogym and the two golf clubs are similar. This helps to achieve better consistency among the services of the golf clubs.