What are the results of the England Golf & Toptracer cooperation so far?

By: November 26, 2021

I told my audience at the 2021 GCMA National Conference that today’s businesses no longer compete only within their market category or industry. The personalized experiences delivered by disruptors such as Amazon, Netflix, Apple, Uber, etc., and a bevy of other direct-to-consumer and digitally native brands raise the bar for every business.

It is already clear that people will be loyal to those brands, devices, services that consistently provide exceptional value with minimum friction or stress.

It is fair to say knowledge of your golf game is power. It is a different story, how you can transform the data of Toptracer / Trackman Range / Inrange Golf / etc. into action.

In the British Journal of Sports Medicine, I found a study that says smartphone applications and activity trackers seem to be effective in promoting physical activity.

Tracking solutions like Toptracer, Trackman Range, Inrange Golf, etc. are also generating extra revenues and new types of customers for golf clubs.

Toptracer UK Boys squad 2

PwC says speed, convenience, helpful employees, and friendly service matter to customers the most.

I must add technology alone will not be able to solve customer experience problems. It is just an enabler. Great employee experience is the game changer.

England Golf & Toptracer at Woodhall Spa Golf Club

England Golf has selected Toptracer at Woodhall Spa Golf Club to enhance the practice facilities for visitors, members, and the National Squads.

The 5-year agreement has paved the way for the installation of a unique mix of Toptracer services at the renowned Lincolnshire venue, the home of England Golf.

Woodhall Spa’s covered range, boasting 16 bays, now features the full Toptracer monitor system, while the uncovered section of the range is set to feature Toptracer’s cutting-edge mobile technology.

Richard Latham, Woodhall Spa’s general manager said

In just 12 weeks, we’ve had to extend our business hours in the evening to accommodate demand. We’ve added food and beverage options and are seeing more non-golfers and groups visit in the evenings and weekends.

Revenues across the business have more than doubled, allowing us to reinvest in the best facilities and amenities to all our guests.”