The new Toro ProCore 648s turf aerator comes with 10 new patents to…

By: February 10, 2022

Do I have to introduce you to the Toro ProCore 648 turf aerators? Probably, not…Toro‘s turf aerator has existed at least since 2006. Correct me if I am wrong in the comment box!

The new Toro ProCore 648s turf aerator is introducing even more innovative, patent-pending features and thoughtful enhancements to improve its turf-care capabilities.

Toro ProCore 648s turf aerator in work-resized

Jeffrey Ische, Global Product Marketing Manager at Toro says

“The new Toro ProCore 648s turf aerator, which has more than 10 new patents, will help improve productivity, operating consistency, ease of use and, most importantly, its aerating performance.”

One of the major innovations in the new Toro ProCore 648s turf aerator is the new electronic drive control (see picture below), which can maintain more consistent hole spacing when aerifying sloping terrain.

Additionally, this precision control gives operators the ability to easily increase speed on turnarounds while also allowing for a tighter turning radius — with little to no front-wheel push during turns.

Operating the Toro ProCore 648s turf aerator in the Delayed Mode reduces disruption of the turf surface, resulting in a faster return to pre-aeration conditions. In this mode, key operating parameters are continually monitored to ensure max tine depth on the first entries into the soil.

Toro ProCore 648s turf aerator control system-resized

In most turf conditions, this feature eliminates the labor needed to repair tufted turf. Delayed Mode also allows operators to mark the spot where they want the coring head to drop or raise using the leading edge of the front tire as their indicator.

This is making starting and ending passes or jumping up and over an in-ground obstacle, like an irrigation head, much easier.

The proven InfoCenter technology has also been added to enable precise ‘set and save’ increments for tine depth and hole spacing, giving managers ultimate control.  Lastly, a storage box has been added and an accessory LED light kit is available.

Toro ProCore 648s turf aerator close look-resized

Toro ProCore 648s turf aerator vs. Toro ProCore 648 turf aerator

  • Aerating Depth: Up to 4.5″ (11.3 cm). Perviously: up to 4″ (10.2 cm)
  • Aerating Width: 48″ (1.2m) | Pattern – 1-4″ (2.5-10cm) spacing. Perviously: 48″ (1.2m) | Pattern – 1.5-3″ (3.8-7.6cm) spacing
  • Operating Speed: 0-2.5 mph (0-4.0 km/h), variable. Previously: 0.77-1.51 mph (1.23-2.42 km/h)
  • Transport Speed: 0-4.5 mph (0-7.2 km/h), variable. Previously: the same.
  • 3WD Self-Powered – 23hp (17.1kW) Kohler gas engine. Previously: the same.
    • Ergonomics: Completely redesigned operator handle with intuitive controls,
    • Delayed Mode: The onboard controller continuously monitors key operational parameters, reducing grass tufting when coring head drops to start a pass.,
    • Electronically Controlled Drive: This smart technology enhancement utilizes an electronically controlled hydrostatic 3-wheel drive which maintains more consistent hole spacing on sloping terrain.
    • Onboard Storage: Bring a hot beverage, field notes, a sweatshirt, or carry some extra tines, the onboard storage has plenty of room.