Even what’s presumed to be business as usual has “A-ha!” moments!

By: February 13, 2023

Today’s computer systems are a tremendous help, where would we be without them? They manage our tee sheets, our dining reservations, our membership communication, and all our accounting woes – the offerings seem to be endless.

Unfortunately, that can be intimidating, and because of that, we sometimes don’t take the time to learn exactly how expansive they actually are.

But why put that off any longer?

Now with the start of another season, it is the perfect time to learn exactly how we can utilize our systems to the most of their potential, and who better to tell us that than Nathan Morris, Director of Implementation for Club Caddie – the leading cloud-based all-inclusive club software system.

Nathan Morris, Director of Implementation for Club Caddie
Nathan Morris, Director of Implementation, Club Caddie

We sat down with Nathan to talk about what it is that stands out and catches club and course personnel by surprise while he’s walking them through the onboarding process.

I said:

“Nathan, thanks for the time. It’s my understanding that when a facility decides to bring on Club Caddie, the onboarding process includes a detailed and efficient series of live video sessions with you or a member of your team.”

Nathan told

“Thanks for having me. That’s correct. The implementation team is tagged with the responsibility of making the course and club personal feel comfortable with using and understanding all that Club Caddie offers – no matter how long that takes!” 

Club Caddie multi screen Events

We continued to talk, and it became a natural segue to learning about what specifically catches people by surprise – So I came right out and asked him

“What were the three Club Caddie features that come up in an implementation that catch operators by surprise; what makes them say, “Ahh, that’s cool. I didn’t realize that.”?

Club Caddie – Events feature

Nathan jumped at answering and came right out with, “Events!” I asked him to elaborate, but I felt like I hadn’t even needed to as he had already kept going.

“Although walked through early in the process, the Events module oftentimes slips through follow-up discussion and when we bring it up during implementation, operators’ ears always perk up.

The Events module allows operators to separate banquets, golf outings, green grass leagues, and even activity leagues if the facility offers them.”

He kept going,

“All under one roof and in one system, this Events module it allows the operator to take deposits, finalize payments, spin up separate menus, offer guests online registration, and from an internal bookkeeping perspective, even keep event accounts receivable separate from the day-to-day accounts receivable.”

Club Caddie event mobile-app

I spoke my mind, “so essentially, the module is like having a whole separate inclusive system just for events of any kind.”

With a smile, Nathan said, “that’s almost exactly what the operators say every time as well.”

Club Caddie – Mobile application

“Very eye-opening, thanks for sharing. Tell me about another example in this clouded space where an operator gets clarity because of their relationship with Club Caddie.”

“Mobile, mobile, mobile.”

Nodding, I agreed, “yes, we’re all addicted to our phones. What’s the connection?”

Club Caddie offers a white label, branded, logoed app that allows operators to offer instant gratification!”

Nathan read the confusion on my face.

“What I mean specifically is that a white labeled app offers facilities the ability to serve up push notifications, populate a bulletin board, offer means to rsvp for events or make direct contact if questions came up.

The mobile app gives the operators and the customers an immediate, uncluttered avenue of communication without beating up customers in-boxes. Across the industry, we’re noticing a decline in effectiveness of email marketing and push notifications help alleviate the stress of reaching customers.”

I couldn’t help but agree because personally, the moment I see that red dot on my phone’s home screen, I check it out!

Club Caddie Events feature

Club Caddie – Membership Portal

Before I could continue, Nathan beat me to it, “another moment when we see the operator’s eyes light up is when I mention membership portals.”

I had to ask, “to again improve communication?”

It was Nathan’s turn to smile, “yes, but more importantly, because it gives to the operator the gift of time. Let me explain to you the way I explain when onboarding a facility.”

I was now the student …

“What if I told you there was no need for your staff to answer the phone when a member wanted to charge their autopay option?

Or when a member wanted more exposure to see the tee sheet, so they knew who was playing and when they were playing; you know, to avoid being behind a notoriously slow group. What about when a member needs to download their transactions or receipts?

Perhaps it’s just something as simple as changing their phone number or mailing address. Would it be helpful if members could do all that on their own, would getting that time back come in handy?!”

… and now my eyes were wide open!

Club Caddie’s membership portals do just that. Like I said, Club Caddie is designed to be the best partner and the best employee a golf facility can have.”

I let it all sink in and soon it dawned on me that software systems are like friends.

Some are casual and some are superficial, but the ones we have for life, the ones that become our best friends are the ones that are deep, reliable, intuitive and in general, make our lives better.

This article is brought to you by Club Caddie.