In what ways can Club Caddie assist you in achieving a successful implementation?

By: June 14, 2023

I learned from my experience – working at Indextools/Yahoo Analytics – that if we want to impress and convince our customers, we must help them during the onboarding period and educate them throughout the cooperation period.

Hence, I was curious about how Club Caddie is helping its clients. Nicole Chapman – Director of Training and Education at Club Caddie – shared their solutions and best practices with me.

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What is the most sensitive period in a golf club & golf club management software relationship?

In most cases, we find that the most sensitive and fragile period in a golf club’s relationship with golf club management software is during the initial implementation and onboarding process.

This crucial stage involves setting up the software to match the club’s operations, educating the staff on its use, and transitioning data from old systems.

Some reasons for this include course staff members comfortable with older systems may resist learning and adapting to new software. If training is inadequate, this could lead to inefficient use of the software, leading to dissatisfaction.

Furthermore, data migration can be complex and time-consuming, and if mishandled, it could disrupt operations due to data loss or inaccuracies.

The software also needs to integrate smoothly with existing systems, and initial bugs or glitches can cause frustration among users. Lastly, a mismatch between what the golf club expects and what the software can deliver can result in dissatisfaction.

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How does Club Caddie reduce customer uncertainty during the onboarding period?

Club Caddie is unique in this regard; we take a very “hands-on” approach by having a clear and guided onboarding process that creates tasks and reminders for needed information or upcoming training.

Video education is incorporated through “Club Caddie University” to review before comprehensive live training sessions. We also provide dedicated support with real people day and night and personalize the onboarding process for each course. 

We work to establish feedback channels and walk through the incremental implementation one step at a time with a point of contact every step of the way… and then after all of that, we have a Customer Success department dedicated to ensuring you have a point person for any needs you may have.

How do you communicate with your new customers prior to onboarding?

Prior to onboarding, communication with new customers is the priority. After signing the contract, Club Caddie establishes a dialogue about what to expect during the transition, outlining the implementation timeline, explaining each step of the process, and keeping users informed.

We utilize one of the best-guided platforms to ensure we do not overwhelm anyone, but also allow us to all stay on track with task reminders and instructions and clear timelines to ensure we hit the “Go Live Date”.

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How do you provide the right tools & resources to strengthen your customers’ confidence?

Like any company, trial and error has led us to improve our process continually. We utilize some of the most advanced software available to help clients move through the process. 

Extensive research and feedback also play a huge part in ensuring we do the best and have the best tools and resources.

This includes wide-ranging training in various formats, like our Club Caddie University and our continually growing Knowledge Base paired with a dedicated onboarding and support team. We have one of the best support systems in our space and are continuing to expand that!

How do you try to understand your customers’ expectations & experiences?

Understanding customer expectations and experiences is an ongoing process. Club Caddie sends out various surveys to gather user feedback. We are also implementing a monthly newsletter and “new feature” emails (see example above) to ensure users are updated with the latest information.

Also, we will feature live webinars later this year to check in with our users and review some fantastic features courses may not utilize.

On top of all of that, Club Caddie continually conducts customer surveys and feedback forms, carries out user interviews or focus groups, analyzes usage data, and reviews customer support interactions.

We are evolving to meet and exceed customer expectations and experiences. We are truly starting to stand out as being one of the only golf course management software companies investing so much into improving customer education, communication, customer experience and being best in class. 

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