How did Finca Cortesin qualify for the GEO Certified accreditation?

By: July 26, 2023

In today’s world, it is common to see golf clubs and resorts receiving GEO Certified accreditation. However, let’s take a closer look at what they have done to support a worthy cause.

It’s important to take into account the results from PwC’s ‘ESG trends in 2023’ research:

More than 60% of people are basing their purchasing behaviours on sustainability and ethical criteria, and this is growing by 10% each year. They’re also prepared to pay more for ethically sourced, sustainably made products.”

Supply chain security, resilience, and transparency have become increasingly important for companies. To be able to achieve our golf clubs’ sustainability, we will have to transform our workforce by providing them with new training pathways and upskilling.

Those golf clubs and resorts will attract and retain the best professionals with strong ESG credentials.

Finca Cortesin earned the GEO Certified label

Now I will summarize what Finca Cortesin did to obtain the GEO Certified accreditation:

  • Employing a combination of cultural and mechanical practices, the resort maintains impeccably healthy and resilient playing surfaces, capable of withstanding droughts and diseases, having installed Bermudagrass on the greens in 2016. This has since helped the resort to reduce on-course water consumption by 30%.
  • Using 100% recycled water from the nearby village of Manilva, the resort was awarded ACOSOL’s quality seal for recycled water management in May 2022, making it the first golf course in Spain to receive this accolade. 
  • The creation of beehives to support vital pollination, offering guests the opportunity to try honey produced from the colonies.
  • Finca Cortesin also recognizes its role and responsibility in supporting the local community, extending a significant program of social benefits above and beyond the facility’s valuable, skilled employment. E.g., partnerships with Malaga University, providing educational programs and internships for unemployed individuals through a relationship with City Hall. Finca Cortesin actively supports organizations like Katrama, dedicated to raising funds for Saharan children living in Casares.
  • The Solheim Cup, which takes place at Finca Cortesin from September 22-24, will also see a range of sustainability actions implemented and help raise awareness aligned to the LET Celebrating the Green presented by Dow initiative.
The championship course at Finca Cortesin