What convinced the Golden State Golf Company owner to switch to Club Caddie?

By: August 15, 2023

I am deeply intrigued by the factors that drive golf clubs to choose a particular golf club management software for their golf clubs.

Recently, I learned that Golden State Golf Company opted for Club Caddie as their new golf club management software. To gain insights into their decision and experience with Club Caddie, I interviewed the company’s president, Joel Clay.

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What is your favorite feature of Club Caddie?

Choosing a favorite feature from Club Caddie is difficult as it is the complete package that benefits our company.

If I had to choose only one, I’d say the mobile application is my favorite feature. It changes as I become more familiar with the system, but customers really seem to enjoy it. Golfers easily book and manage their tee times using the mobile app.

Users have the convenience of canceling their tee times without the need to call the golf shop. Our golf course is in high demand, making it important for users to book their tee times quickly in order to secure the desired time slot.

With the Club Caddie mobile application, users can easily book tee times within minutes of becoming available, even if they are not in front of a computer. This is one of the best features of Club Caddie.

How can Club Caddie assist in increasing revenue and enhancing guest service quality?

Our customers no longer need to contact the pro shop to cancel their reservations. They now have the ability to cancel on their own at any time.

This has resulted in a reduction in the number of no-shows, providing better service overall. It has also decreased the number of calls to the pro shop, freeing up staff to focus on assisting customers without constant interruptions from phone calls.

Additionally, the software now offers multiple features in a single location, leading to increased efficiency.

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How long did it take to understand and learn the software?

Club Caddie has only been used for three weeks at Morro Bay Golf Course. Our first meeting was held on May 8th, and we officially launched Club Caddie on June 1st.

Within those three weeks, we worked with Nathan Morris, Director of Implementation for Club Caddie, to transfer our extensive database of over 50,000 customers.

On our launch day, we had 232 players and managed to average 230 rounds a day throughout June. In July, we’re currently averaging 260 rounds per day.

In just three short weeks, we went from having a blank slate to having a full tee sheet for the entire season. Looking back, the process was seamless, and we’re grateful for the help and support we received.

Based on my experience, transitioning to the Club Caddie program was a bit more challenging for me and my general manager, but it was seamless for our customers and team.

We had been using the old point-of-sale system for over two decades, but we made the decision to switch, and it turned out to be a great decision.

It’s understandable to be hesitant about trying something new, but we both wish we made the switch earlier.

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How does Club Caddie help you to achieve your business goals? Do they get any coaching or consultancy?

I receive newsletters from Club Caddie that provide updates and new ideas about their features. Recently, I received an email informing me that they are partnering with Supreme Golf, Barstool Golf Time, and Golf Digest.

They continuously update their software, unlike my previous company, which pressured me to barter one tee time per day, which would have cost me over $4000 a month.

Additionally, my previous company’s system did not have all the features that Club Caddie offers. I appreciate Club Caddie as a true partner.

What convenience functions in the Club Caddie simplify your everyday work?

Being web-based provides me with the utmost convenience as I can effortlessly connect at any given time and effortlessly transition from one golf course to another.

Whether I’m working on one course or receiving a call about a tournament or event at a different course, I can handle it immediately.

Club Caddie has one more useful function that makes our work much easier and more efficient. This is the Event Calendar feature.

In one place, all golf club staff have access to the events happening in the golf club. It helps to have efficient internal communication and planning.

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If you’re eager to see what Club Caddie golf club management software can do for you, click here to request a product demo.

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