What achievement the Centurion Club should be most proud of in its 1st decade?

By: September 11, 2023

The Centurion Club started with the promise in 2013 that fewer rules and regulations would allow members to enjoy a new type of lifestyle club, which encourages an entrepreneurial spirit to thrive.

The Centurion Club offers various membership options like a Senate (shareholding) Life Membership, Centurion Certificate, Corporate, International, and Business categories.

The successful hosting of the inaugural LIV Golf event in 2022 & 2023 (over 45,000 fans) and the Aramco Team Series events is truly remarkable.

In addition, the Centurion Club has previously hosted the GolfSixes event on the European Tour in 2019 and the Paddy Power Shoot-Out. It was the first golf event played in the UK after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Centurion Club LIV Golf event 2023 18th Green_resized

Dutch partners Bert Pronk and Andre Hendriks have supported Scott Evans (managing director) in the club’s development since its inception.

Plans have recently been submitted for an additional 9 holes, work on which will start as soon as approved.

Commenting on the milestone of reaching 10 years old, Scott Evans added:

“Nobody thought we could achieve what we have done here at Centurion Club, but I’m delighted to have proved the doubters wrong and shown that there is a place for the type of forward-thinking club we have created.

Great credit must go to all the staff and the members who have backed us all the way and are so proud of the club that has evolved.”

Centurion Club - clubhouse

I would ask Centurion Club

  • How and to what extent did Centurion Club manage to increase sales (e.g. membership, event, etc.) due to the international golf tournaments?
  • What were the lessons of the first decade regarding golf club management?
  • How do you attract and retain the best professionals?
  • What club membership and green fee pricing techniques will work most effectively in 2023? (e.g. yield management, dynamic pricing, etc.)
  • How important is it for a golf club to have a pro shop in 2023, and how can it be made more attractive?
  • Personalization is the key driver of customer loyalty. Elaborate on your personalization techniques and which one you find the most effective!