How does IOTee help increase golf cart rentals & extended operating hours?

By: September 5, 2023

Technology has revolutionized urban mobility, with app-enabled scooters and bikes now a staple in major cities. Similarly, Digital transformation is indispensable in the golf industry. Yet, while some operations have been transformed, others remain untouched.

Considering the advancements we have today, if we have this technology available, why not implement it in golf clubs for golf carts?

Several connectivity solutions exist already for golf carts. Yet, they are sidetracked, emphasizing more on advertisements, food and beverage options, and hole graphics while failing to address a straightforward and common question:

“How can I rent my carts out without personnel on site?”

IOTee at Marco Simone Golf and Country Club

IOTee – golf cart fleet management solution

A true golf cart fleet management solution should focus on the fundamental aspects of fleet management, prioritizing essentials like cart access and booking capabilities.

The technological solution I’d like to show you will greatly help. It will ensure that your golf club guests can comfortably access the golf carts even before/after normal working hours, such as for twilight rounds or early morning tees.

In other words, empower your guests to hire carts at their convenience, boosting your revenue and maximizing the turnover of your fleet.

If you’re looking for a solution to manage a fleet of golf carts, IOTee is the perfect choice. It offers a range of benefits that you can experience firsthand if you visit the 2023 Ryder Cup venue.

IOTee is installing a total of 264 golf carts equipped with its technology at the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club, where it will be used to manage the entire fleet during and after the event.

IOTee mobile application

I am extremely passionate about the web-based IOTee because it is just as simple as renting a car.

The IOTee device is installed on the cart, which can then be managed through a web application. This includes features such as

  • real-time tracking,
  • cart unlocking and locking,
  • cart bookings,
  • ride history,
  • integrations, and more.

Flexibility & Personalization opportunities in IOTee

IOTee carts can be released in multiple ways, giving unparalleled flexibility to run the cart fleet securely, tailored to the specific needs of each fleet operator.

The first option for automating rentals is using bookings – specific carts can be booked, and a code for unlocking the cart via QR code can be sent to customers via email.

The booking system empowers the guests and members to reserve and access carts without needing physical keys, opening up the possibility to extend your operating hours and facilitate cart hires during previously unreachable times.

Fleet operators can also create virtual keys and individual codes for users or unlock carts directly from the dashboard.

IOTee installation at Marco Simone Golf and Country Club

IOTee – Scan-to-Ride feature

Another possibility for unlocking carts is our Scan-to-Ride feature. It allows users to pay directly at the cart, which can boost the rental turnover, especially during off-peak times. The golfer can decide spontaneously whether he wants to rent a buggy.

It means that golf carts can be rented without staff and key handling. The user scans the QR code on the cart and can pay directly with a smartphone.

At the 2023 Ryder Cup, every driver will get a unique code allocated for specific golf carts. This will help the organizers and the golf club see who drives the cart.

You absolutely need to try it out at your golf club! These reasons are more than enough to convince you. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you’re interested, as I’d be thrilled to introduce you to the IOTee team.

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