How can Camiral Golf & Wellness reduce water consumption on its golf courses by 35%?

By: November 7, 2023

Camiral Golf & Wellness is actively seeking professional solutions to reduce the amount of irrigation water used on its golf courses without compromising the quality of its greens.

Recently invested €1 million in new water reduction measures such as

  • reducing irrigated areas,
  • changing turf variety,
  • conducting a study to update its irrigation system with the latest water-saving technology.
Camiral Golf & Wellness - Tour Course - Hole 03 Green

I hope when they changed the turf variety, they selected low-water-use turfgrasses, groundcovers, shrubs, and trees for use on the course.

It is also wise to use mulches in shrubs and flower beds for these reasons:

  • It helps the soil retain moisture;
  • Improves soil nutrition;
  • Provides insulation, keeping roots warm in the winter and cool in the summer;
  • Discourages weed growth.

Some mulches can last 10 years or longer before needing to be replaced. 

In 2022, Camiral Golf & Wellness introduced tall fescue to all its Green complexes, and then in 2023, it began the implementation of Celebration Bermuda grass on its tees and surrounding areas.

The Bermuda variety is native and naturally resistant to drought and heat, Making it ideal for the Mediterranean climate.

Camiral Golf & Wellness - Stadium Course_Hole 13 close

David Bataller, Director of Agronomy at Camiral Golf & Wellness, said:

“The first phase of work was completed in July 2023 and included changing the turf variety on our tee boxes, its surrounds and carry to the fairways to the same species grown at the renowned Augusta National in the US.

The new grass types – which include Celebration Bermuda, Platinum Paspalum, Bent Grass and Tall Fescue – are producing the best turf surfaces in the world and they can all be watered with recycled water.

How many golf resorts – like Camiral Golf & Wellness – can claim to employ a full-time biologist to advise on ecological and sustainable golf course management for a quality golf experience?

This is a really good sign that the golf resort is really committed to sustainability. The Camiral Golf & Wellness is already GEO Certified.

Camiral Golf & Wellness - Tour Course - Hole 03 Bunker

The resort has just received recognition from the STRI Group, administrators of The Golf Environment Awards, for its commitment to developing and preserving its green infrastructure through the restoration of its wetlands and recolonization of near-extinct species, as well as achieving the IAGTO Sustainability Award for Nature Protection in 2020.