Discover the 10 game-changing benefits that a superb golf cart fleet can offer!

By: December 19, 2023

A modern golf cart fleet can be a real profit center for golf clubs. An investment in modern vehicles that pays for itself within a few years and provides guests and the club with real added value.

Here, I explain the 10 most important advantages (below the picture) and use figures to show how golf clubs can benefit from a professionally managed golf cart fleet.

IOTee golf cart fleet with golfers
  • Time savings and efficiency: Golf carts allow players to move conveniently and quickly from one hole to the next, improving the pace of play. This enables golf courses to accommodate more players per day, increasing overall profitability.
  • Comfort and Player Experience: Modern golf carts often feature comfortable seats, weather protection, and other amenities, enhancing the overall player experience and making the golf course more appealing to members and guests. By using IOTee software, members and guests can easily get access to their golf carts.
  • Relief for staff: With the help of IOTee, golfers can easily access and book golf carts directly via the app. This means that the golf course staff have no additional work and do not have to make bookings or handing out keys. The golf carts can also be used outside office hours. The revenue per vehicle can be increased through longer usage times.
  • Accessibility: golf carts also enable older golfers or people with mobility impairments to enjoy the sport. This helps to promote accessibility and inclusion.
  • Health: Climate change and increasing periods of heat significantly impact our health. On very hot days, playing golf can become a real health hazard. The use of golf carts can make a positive contribution to health in this respect and minimize the risk of heat exhaustion and circulatory problems. Golf carts offer a convenient way to reduce the strain of walking in high temperatures and allow players to concentrate better on their game without jeopardizing their health.
IOTee golf cart fleet tempo triple seitlich
  • Environmental friendliness: electric golf carts are more environmentally friendly than petrol-powered models. The use of environmentally friendly vehicles can improve the image of the golf course and promote awareness of environmental issues in the community.
  • Advertising opportunities: There are predestined areas on the vehicle for advertising, whether for local businesses or sponsors. Golf courses can generate revenue by renting these advertising spaces to interested companies. (Visage!)
  • Golf cart fleet management and security: With the help of modern systems such as IOTee with GPS tracking, the location of the vehicles can be monitored. This prevents accidents and misuse.
  • Cost efficiency: Although the initial cost of a golf cart may seem high, the long-term cost efficiency of using electric models and regular professional maintenance can help to reduce the overall cost.
  • Image and competitive advantage: A modern and well-maintained golf cart fleet helps strengthen the golf course’s image. Golfers appreciate facilities that invest in modern infrastructure, which can lead to a competitive advantage in the industry.
IOTee golf cart fleet Tempo 2Passenger, 2018

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